Coral and Pearls

A Coral and Pearl Necklace

I’ve been wanting to update my vintage coral necklace for quite some time. I’ve been experiencing a sort of artistic block of late (could be due to the holiday season) and sometimes creating a little something for yourself can start the creative juices flowing once again! Realistically as a designer of pearl jewellery for over 16 years, with over 5,000 designs clocked up, it surprises even me, how ideas just continue to pop into my head. However with all the right components laid out in front of my work bench, I am able to visualize a new project in my head and just start threading. If it’s not quite right I take the beads off and replace them with another pattern and keep doing this until voila! the ideal combination presents itself. Not so with this beauty. I knew exactly what to do with this one. I managed to create something really special today. Here I have used extra large chunky white oval ringed pearls, vintage coral beads and 14 ct gold ball spacers (looking a bit battered..I might add..but gold can gain character over the years and who wouldn’t reuse their old gold spacers). I loved it do much I thought I’d share my new Coral and Pearl Necklace with you today.