Julleen Lobe Lift Earring Backs come highly recommended

The growing popularity of the Julleen Ear Lobe Lift is undeniable. Here’s a great review from a medical specialist from Q’Land who highly recommends them without any hesitation at all. Not at all shy is stating the lobe lifts are the only earring backs she wears.

here is Dr Robyn’s Review where she added before and after shots

5 out of 5 stars

These earring backs are the best. I have stretched earring holes and droopy lobes – not the best combo for wearing these gorgeous earrings from the shop. The before pic shows how they look with normal backs. The after pic is using these fantastic backs – I have worn them all day and my earring stayed put and sat well with no drag!! These are going to be the only earring backs I’ll be using from now on. Thank you Julie for designing these!!

Droopy Lobe Prop Up Earring Backs. Sterling Silver 9




Aqua Blue Chalcedony and Pearl Necklace

A bright light shines when Chalcedony is used in jewellery. Notice how your mood changes just looking at this necklace. The beauty of chalcedony particularly with aqua blue really brings out positivity and a lightness of being.

Chalcedony is uplifting it’s a nurturing stone that promotes brother hood and good will. It brings the mind body and emotions into harmony. It alleviates hostility and transforms melancholy in joy. What a delight!