Black Pearls

There’s quite a variety of black pearls sold these days and it can be a bit confusing when you look up a black pearl stud earring on the internet only to find the images are not exactly as you pictured in your mind. Black Pearls can swing to various shade and hues depending on the ocean or waters of which they are harvested. I like to think in my range I cover just about all black varieties.

Most common is the black green tinged pearls but even different shades of green are possible.

I’d like to show you some of the colours of pearl that are considered black that I like the most. Hope you like them too.


25mm Love Heart White Pearl Bracelet

We do white pearl bracelets with Large 25 mm Sterling Silver Hearts. Here are two of  the best quality Sterling Silver Hearts on white pearl bracelets you’ll find.

There’s the French Heart White Pearl Bracelet. A smooth, simple and sumptuous puffed dangling heart – AND

The Italian made fine sterling silver variegated heart pendant on the Chanel weave pearl bracelet.

Bridal Heart

If you want to change the colours of the French Heart to Black, Champagne, Pink or Gold pearls. Just order it and …it shall be done!


Bridal French Heart Pearl Bracelet

Re-launch of Pearl

Simple is always best! It’s been a long tome coming but finally my vision of having specialized websites for the most popular categories of the Julleen Pearl Jewellery Range, has been realized. The new Pearl Bracelets and Pearl Earring stores have been created and are live! Enjoy


A Hankering for Pink Pearl Jewellery

Surely like me every now again you get a hankering for wearing pearls that are not white. The obvious choice is Pink Pearls of course and we have an array of lovely pearl jewellery. YOU may be lucky enough to find some sweet pink jewellery on the Julleen Jewels Etsy store. Or you may want to discover all sort of pink pearl treats in the PINK section on