Always Pearls

As long as I can remember I have always loved pearls. I just found an image where I seemingly couldn’t look much happier..could it be that I am wearing my favourite strand of pearls..the one I received when I had my daughter so many years ago now. They are still looking as good today as in this image. When you care for your precious pearls and wear them often they reward you by staying beautifully lustrous.


Going Gaga about Lime Green

Sometimes you just get caught up in colours that inspire and desire. Just recently I introduced some Bright as Sunshine Lime Gemstone beads to my collection and simply  had to make these lovely bright pearl and gemstone sterling silver earrings.

These 11mm beads are Bright! Lime Green Jasper and I teamed them with a set of Lime Round Ringed Pearls and Lime Baroque Oval pearls. I absolutely loved this design. I have a bit of a lime green fetish and always try to get the components just right and this is a wonderfully well balanced and chunky earring that just lifts the spirits. It will suit anyone from young to not so young. I know, as I have a pair myself! I really think it is a “to die for” earring.

Available on Etsy for the first time today.

Look what I found! A Peacock Chrysocolla and Pearl Pendant Necklace

Sometimes¬†I can go for years not looking at all the jewellery I have packed away, then I get the urge to look through some old pieces I made and loved so much I had to keep them. Here’s how I renovated my beloved Peacock Green Pearl and Chrysocolla Pendant Necklace, set with stunning hallmarked sterling silver, gorgeous well cut peridot facetted gems in ovals and marquis and white pearls and strung on divine 12mm black Peacock Pearls. Sometimes you just have to service an old beloved necklace and make it up to date and glam it up again.