Halloween – Pumpkin Citrine Jewellery

When it comes to Halloween the demand for anything Pumpkin coloured is in huge demand. True to form – we’re going to show off some gorgeous pieces using Pumpkin Citrine and some in Paler Lemon and gold citrines. It’s true our jewellery isn’t the lowest end of the market or the highest. It’s somewhere in between, middle ground, pricing which is more suitable to the people who don’t mind paying for the real thing but don’t want to spend thousands. Here are some of our higher end pieces with a taste of some sweet earrings that are affordable to just about anyone.

Just click on the Etsy link for some lower end costings or enter any of the Julleen websites to find some interesting pieces in pumpkin and paler lemon Citrine pearl jewellery designs. https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/JulleenJewels