Love working with black pearls

Ever since I started designing pearl jewellery, definitely one of my very favourite pearls to work with are a black pearls. Usually once a style is made and added to my E-tail stores, it’s pretty obvious that others love black pearls too. I just created this new one which I’d like to share with you. I have placed it in my Etsy store.


Reviews on Etsy


It’s great for┬ásmall businesses to be on Etsy. The reaction to my little E-Tail store there has been surprisingly good. Buyers need to have confidence in your product and how you get that confidence is by purchasers leaving their reviews. What I am finding a bit frustrating is that my buyers who all say they love their purchases do not often leave a review. Seems like 50% leave one whilst the others want to but get confused as to how to do this.

I therefore want to say if you are a member of Etsy. This is how you leave a Review. At the top right of the page (when you are logged on) you’ll see a “You” Left click on that you, then left click on “Purchases and Reviews”. Then chose the item you paid for and leave that review.

Short Pearl Necklaces on Etsy by Julleen

Every now and again we get requests for a shorter style necklace that is not the usual plain string of pearls. Most people like sterling silver and I often use substanial amounts to section of each pearl or cluster of pearls to set them apart – you know- let them shine!

Here are some of the current ones I have on Etsy that may appeal.

Bronze and Cream Pearl Necklaace with Citrines:

Cream, Pink. Champagne and White Pearl and Sterling Silver Necklace: