Julleen Jewels Esty Store Stickers on Business Cards, Makes all the difference

So after years of having the same Business Cards and forever telling everyone about my little Etsy Store called “Julleen Jewels” and then either handing them the original Julleen card with no Etsy address or writing the Etsy address on the back of the cards, I came to the conclusion that something had to change.

When I was handing over a card to an artist last week and once again writing the address on the back (tedious!!!) we both virtually at the same time, said I simply must have that Etsy address, on my card. Instantly I had an epiphany! To search online for self designed stickers. I didn’t have to look far. I had used Vistaprint in 2000 but would you believe they still are operational today and even better now, as all can be designed and coordinated online. Within minutes I had created some new perfectly lovely stickers. I ordered them and within two days the items were delivered to my box in South Perth.


Thus! today with paper guillotine in hand (after years of being stored Lord knows where) and after slicing the stickers in two, I just added them to my cards, which luckily had just enough space to accommodate my new brilliant idea! I then ordered some fridge magnets which I thought was a nifty idea too. Saved me, creating and paying for a load of new business cards.

“Necessity is truly – the Mother of Invention”.

Voila! my new cards …complete with my Etsy Store Address for Julleen Jewels. Thanks Vistaprint.