Peace out with Lepidolite

The gorgeous gemstone Lepidolite is often referred to as the Peace Stone. It can bring a calmness to the wearer and helps in relaxing and soothing emotions, especially in difficult and troubled times. It has so many benefits and is often used for dream work like re-birthing or for recalling your dreams. Many healers use it as a protective stone and it can bring success in your career and for business. It is a wonderful stone to wear if one suffers emotional issues, and can aid in reducing high levels of stress, anger and  trauma. Good for suffers of  panic attacks or severe depression and it has a relaxing and calming effect for manic – depression.

I believe in surrounding this lovely gemstone with the soft subtle use of pearls as Pearl also calm the senses and are wonderful gems to wear during menopause or to balance the hormones. I make a large variety Lepdiolite gemstone doughnut pendant necklace that I would like to share here. Your can purchase the high end pieces on all the Julleen website and some are available in our Etsy store.