Little Boxes! Love our cute new jewellery boxes for Julleen Earrings

Happy New year to all and it’s time to do a bit of sprucing up of the Julleen label and here’s a good way to start …new gift boxing for Julleen Earrings. We take our packaging seriously here at Julleen and we have a cute new design for our earrings.

Along with the swirl white Necklace Boxes with Julleen labels we think this cute little box is just perfect to protect your new earring purchase. Thanks to experience we realise that earrings must be boxed at all costs as we just can’t trust the handling of many couriers and postage carriers to be as careful as we would be ourselves and so to make sure all your lovely earrings are fully in tact for delivery we thought this was the answer.

All our lovely black and white gift boxing