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Brazil! Customs,Customs Regulations and Cultures.

Truly I don’t want to get political on this blog but today I find I can’t help but sympathize with a very nice woman in Brazil who ordered some Ear Lobe Lifts for herself. I wasn’t sure whether to write about this however freedom of speech is still a right we share in this lucky country of Australia and so I thought I’d put my toe in the water and give it a shot. As time goes by, I am also learning the different ways other countries handle, landing taxes for on line sales packages or E parcels. 

I’d heard some rumors that trade was difficult with Brazil but when a lady ordered some of our Secret Ear Lobe Lifts for her earlobes, I had to help her get them. I read up on the customs regulations and found that personal items for one’s own use were free from duty. Usually people who purchase this item, I suspect, already have a problem with sagging lobes, thus this item would be for personal use and a benefit to a sufferer of Droopy Ear Lobes. For years, I have been trying to spread the word that these little beauties, help prop up the ear, in an instant, and help prevent further drooping of the lobes, after all, not everyone can afford an operation or want to put sticky tape on their precious skin. Sympathy and compassion abounded and with all good sense going out the window, I decided to give it a go, to send a very tiny order to Brazil.

I used a white padded envelope, filled out a customs declaration and I sent her the product by registered post, via Australia Post. It took just a week to arrive in Brazil itself, however unfortunately, and I do mean very unfortunately, as I heard yesterday, via email from a Post Office in Brazil (AND in Portuguese !)  that a case had been opened to get my very disappointed client her precious parcel. It will take 12 times that long, to have her order released from customs and only after paying taxes. Yes you heard it right people, 2- 3 months! What a calamity!  I feel terribly sorry for the very sweet lady in Sao Paulo, who awaits her little Ear Lobe Lifts and continues to suffer from Droopy Ear Lobe syndrome, until then. Further more, I have sent a please “review” , to the Post Office in Brazil, through their online suggestion box, (first I had to translate the form into English from Portuguese, and then the form is translated back to Portuguese). Let’s hope it all makes good sense and makes a difference.

Having lived over seas for many years I really DO try to understand or least respect the cultures and ways of other countries but I find this story a little harder than most to comprehend. I found this little excerpt from researching the cultures of Brazil, fascinating. Time is the key ingredient very similar to the traditions in Bali, Indonesia. Do not try to rush them into making decisions. Now that’s something I have learned today. Here’s the quote……

• In business, Brazilians tend to ‘deal’ with individuals, not companies. Therefore, you will need to establish a trusting relationship with them if you wish to gain their business. It is important that you do not try to rush them into making decisions or forming relationships.

UPDATE the customer finally received her lovely Secret Lobe Lift Earrings last Friday. Success! am very pleased to report

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  1. I just had to add here that this tiny little order cost $26 to send. The weight was less than 50 gm. There should be a cheaper way to send International mail. This charge is calculated into the landing value of the parcel too.

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