Pink Musk Mabe Pearl Earrings in Hallmarked Sterling Silver.

I think everyone who loves pearls loves pink. Pink pearls seem to be the trending colour right now. I have just released this amazing Pink Mabe Earring on my Etsy store. It’s a 19mm setting and each 15.5 mm pearl it’s mounted on a beautifully crafted, double bezel design with Post. These are really a wow wow wow pink pearl earring. To buy them click on the link below.

Vintage Image of Almost Nude – Woman With Pearls

I just love finding graceful and beautifully choreographed images of vintage models wearing long strands of pearls. I think I must have every image there is on my Pinterest pins, one specifically for Vintage Pearls On Models. I am always pleasantly surprised to find another and was delighted to find this one. Truly magnificent! and had to share it! Here is another lovely subject sheer perfection!



Searching for good clip on earrings like Princess Di often wore

Princess Di is in the news again and I keep zooming in on her earrings. In my search for some good clip on earrings I rediscovered my own designs and really have come back to appreciating these amber and sterling silver clip on earrings, with nice clips.

The design is something completely original and so different from other earrings, I decided to make them in a pale green jade in a smaller version too.

Just because really I am a Pearl gal – I have added some super nice pearly ones in the mix, just to stick to the general “pearl-jewellery” theme of my e-Stores. With princess Diana in the news again so much I realised how well she wore the “close to the ear” earrings, that still look so stunning, when we see them today. See if you agree.