A happy bride is always our best loved accomplishment

Clip on earring for brides
Double Pearl Clip On Earring

At Julleen we just love a happy ending ..and a successful wedding day is just about the happiest news we could get..especially if we contributed somehow to that wedding day’s success. This was the case with Angela, our happy bride who looked amazing on her wedding day in her oyster colour dress and you must have guessed it folks…yes..wearing her Julleen Pearl Jewellery. Angela wore our double pearl, cup set, earrings, in a clip on as her ears were not pierced but she wanted a soft, flattering and stylish look that would not interfere with her crown. She also brought our attention to the fact, that it was the same style Chelsea Clinton wore at her wedding.

We have been making this design for many years but they are not sold on the website. We take only special orders for this, as each one, is hand made to specifically hold the requested size and colour pearl. Although we thought a soft pink may do the trick it was the Ivory 10mm pearls that appealed to our bride. Thrilled to find her dream style of the double set pearl earring, at Julleen, our bride did not waste a minute and ordered them immediately, once we sent her the picture of it. Voila! a happy bride sent us the photo we wanted to see, here, a smiling bride with her much admired Julleen pearl clip on earring, which made all the difference to the look of the day. Well done Angela! We at Julleen wish you many years of happiness and joy together and we are very sure you’ll be handing this earring down to your loved ones, as they will last… more than a life time!
double pearl earring by Julleen