Julia Ray – Always Pearls

I think I have loved pearls since I was about 10 years old. That seems to be my first memory of them and being given a small pearl ring. After over 20 years in the industry, I just still can’t get enough of them. After a trip to Broome recently and doing a tour of Willy Creek Pearls, I can now say I have seen pearling in action and understand even more so now, the value of these incredible jewels. I now have a 17 mm pearl that I chose from all the pearls in the store, quite remarkable really, as there were so many as you can well imagine and I just knew this was for me.

Pearls are like that. They are organic miracles from the water they have a quality all of their very own. Somehow I always feel fantastic when I wear my pearls. Either an earring, pearl bracelet, a ring or necklace. If you know me well, you will know that I simply must wear pearls or a pearl on any given day. Funnily enough my Mum is the same and wears hers daily, without fail. I feel very connected to pearls and therefore pearl jewellery and adore making it, it’s just wonderful, doing something you love at any time of your life.

Thought I would share the image


Julleen Lobe Lift Earring Backs come highly recommended

The growing popularity of the Julleen Ear Lobe Lift is undeniable. Here’s a great review from a medical specialist from Q’Land who highly recommends them without any hesitation at all. Not at all shy is stating the lobe lifts are the only earring backs she wears.

here is Dr Robyn’s Review where she added before and after shots

5 out of 5 stars

These earring backs are the best. I have stretched earring holes and droopy lobes – not the best combo for wearing these gorgeous earrings from the shop. The before pic shows how they look with normal backs. The after pic is using these fantastic backs – I have worn them all day and my earring stayed put and sat well with no drag!! These are going to be the only earring backs I’ll be using from now on. Thank you Julie for designing these!!

Droopy Lobe Prop Up Earring Backs. Sterling Silver 9




Celebrating the New Year – Hello to the 12 mm Pearl Studs for 2020

Happy New Year to All! On with the new and out with the old. It’s been a long long run of our favourite 11mm White Pearl Stud Earring.

It’s taken me about a year to source the upgraded size pearls of 12 mm. I then I had to source the exact sterling silver components I needed to make up the pearls into these fabulous new earrings. I have been busy busy – most of the day matching up sets of pearls and adding the backs and butterfly closures to them. Then they need to be carded and coded. This all takes time but – Voila! here they are. I am incredibly happy to announce these new stocks of 12mm White Pearl stud earrings in sterling silver. Here are just a few.

I have kept the item number the same but you will receive the 12 Pearl studs when you order from this link. Enjoy and happy new year for 2020



Maggie Dent wears her Julleen Black Pearl Earrings on her brilliant new video

So proud today as the fabulous Maggie Dent wears her brand new Julleen Black Pearl Earrings on her latest video on her Facebook Page. Maggie discusses a not often discussed topic of how Parents should manage their young children’s fears in a crisis situation. She refers to bush fires here and what can make children feel useful and how to comfort them with so much footage of the daily blazes. She tells us how to let our kids slip into action to help calm their fears. I really enjoyed this video and am sure it will be helpful to many parents out there who will benefit from this


Of course on a lighter note Maggie looks amazing as always in this latest video Maggie told me she is flat out at the moment but this amazing woman still manged to let me know she made this new helpful video and posted it to her Facebook page and!! she was wearing her new earring. What a woman! Respect!

Please click below to purchases what Maggie wears here


Melbourne Cup 2019 A Touch of Red

I had a fantastic day at the Melbourne Cup this year at the Swan Yacht Club along with some other fabulous gals where we all had such a great time. The outfits were simply amazing of course and it was wonderful to see the efforts some ladies went to with their outfits. I am happy to have won a raffle prize a basket of goodies on the day. Pic just in of my little win. Although didn’t back the winner, of the Cup this day really is not all about winning, it’s about the amount of energy and good will this day brings to our nation. On this day there’s enough to spread the length of Australia, it lift our spirits for weeks


I wore Red and discovered a good little milliner from the UK on Etsy this year. I just wanted something that had been hand made yet professionally finished and that’s exactly what I got. See for yourself. A bit of a hat although actually a lovely fascinator.


What Happens to Old Pearl Bracelets When They Die? They are reborn as new Pearl jewellery

Here’s a story of a very tried bracelet that was very much loved and worn often. After one of the 4 rows of a black and white pearl bracelet became loose, my friend of many decades asked me what could be done to revamp it for her mother to whom she had gifted this piece years ago. I suggested to remake it as a necklace. My friend’s Mum, who was finding the clasp difficult to cope with thee days saw this as a very positive thing to do.

After giving her preferred length, I pulled the entire bracelet apart and created a long and very charming new necklace for her, making it to the required length. This was done by adding some whopping big white pearls and more topaz and smaller black pearls. Voila! a stunning new piece was made for my friend’s Mum.

Today I was sent the picture of her Mum wearing her new necklace and I am so proud of the new design but even more so, now that she told me she wants to wear it all the time. She says she loves it so much and that it’s just perfect. Well what better words could I want to hear, as the designer.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing such wonderful things from my customers.


White Pearls Never Ever Ever Date!

Why is it that white pearls are a forever favourite, among any generation. I love tracing the history of pearl wearing through Art and have dedicated a whole Pin to it on my Pinterest Page called Pearls Through History. There is no doubt at all white pearls were always precious to their wearers. I think I have collected every single portrait painting ever created, throughout the decades and as we know pearls were discovered prior to any master painter’s subject and were only worn by royalty or gentry. There is early proof in the discovery of wall mosaic in Greece, I believe. with a fine lady wearing a strand of what appear to be white pearls.


The thing is as a designer of pearl jewellery for two decades, keeping things new with white pearls in mind can be challenging. How do we, as designers do that, without ruining the magnificence and the purity of a white organic pearl necklace yet also create a new look that will still remain classical.

I like to add a touch of sterling silver or gold vermeil and change up the textures with different shapes of pearls yet keep the quality high and lustre of an AA pearl.

I think my “Asymmetrical” necklaces have been the big winner. The meaning according to the Dictionary is “having parts which fail to correspond to one another in shape, size, or arrangement; lacking symmetry”. Yes!!!

Most women today have a set of white short pearls hopefully organic ones (that I concentrate on making for my clients). Being established since 1998, many a Julleen, long white pearl necklace has been sold over that time! and it’s arguably our best style.

Why is it that Pearls have been held in such esteem, among most women for what seems like for ever. Pearls are worn for any social gathering, be it a ball, or a special night at the opera, a wedding, a ladies luncheon, a high tea, a christening, anniversary, worn and bought for big birthday and then of course there are those, who wouldn’t wear anything else but a white pearl necklace to a funeral (not to be too morbid but it is the perfect gem for this time) I believe it is a case of continuity and pearls make you feel so good when worn. True too that a certain type of girl wears pearls. It’s not for no reason, girls love pearls and boys love girls who love pearls. I have been wearing pearls since I was 18!

Who can blame anyone for loving pearls. they simply never ever date EVER!

These days I only supply two outlets Mariko in South Perth and Woody Nook in Margaret River, but they have both been carrying the Julleen ranges for nearly 20 years. I guess that shows that people like what I do. I usually make for the love of making and sell my designs myself, either on my own sites or on Etsy ,or to my friends and old clients who still love and wear their own Julleen Designs 20 years on.

At this point I usually add a few pics to share and as I have been making quite a few white pearl necklaces of late, that I like to brag about, at being totally original, as that’s what they are, I will add some below for those who like to see what happens when I set my mind to creating. Here are just some of the designs I have loved making.


Beautiful Amethyst, birthstone for February.

Who doesn’t like amethysts. Some of the most beautiful gems on earth are amethyst. I love working with them. The richer the purple hue the better I like it.

I found these in my favourite Pakistiani gem merchants’ in Indonesia. You have to be a long standing client to even be allowed to enter. There are armed guards at the entrances and it’s here that I always like to go when looking for top quality stones. Going there is quite an experience for me as the walls are filled with cabinets and drawers that are filled to the brim with gems! It’s sheer heaven for me.

Today I added a set of emerald cut amethyst earrings that are individually bezil set, to the Julleen E-Tail store, and I wanted to share their beauty with you.


Short Pearl Necklaces on Etsy by Julleen

Every now and again we get requests for a shorter style necklace that is not the usual plain string of pearls. Most people like sterling silver and I often use substanial amounts to section of each pearl or cluster of pearls to set them apart – you know- let them shine!

Here are some of the current ones I have on Etsy that may appeal.

Bronze and Cream Pearl Necklaace with Citrines:

Cream, Pink. Champagne and White Pearl and Sterling Silver Necklace: