Collectors Huge Watermelon Pear Shape Tourmaline Pendant cut en cabochon by Julleen Jewels SOLD on Etsy.

Still worth a read – but this piece has been sold on Etsy

A fabulous collectors piece is now featured in the Julleen Jewels boutique on Etsy. Highly regarded as one of the world’s most fascinating gemstones, Tourmaline has kept it’s popularity in colour phases from green, pink, honey, lemon, red, aqua, turquoise and black. Right now the black tourmaline is trending. Although this stone weighing 115.8 ct has red and watermelon undertones, when on, it looks black. The pendant looks great on many colours. Seen here on Navy, Black, Fuchsia, and Red. The amazing thing is when the light hits it the colours change to a cherry red. Tourmaline comes in so many wonderful colours that it’s hard to pick which one is more stunning.

Knowing that this piece will outlive all of us on the planet shows how resilient these gemstones can be. When I saw this out-sized cabochon I reeled at it’s magnificence. I decided to set it in a plain double bezel setting with a chunky bail in Sterling Silver. I then microned the silver in yellow gold vermeil. It can be worn on a pearl necklace, chain or even on leather.

My grandfather a diamond merchant and cutter, brought to Australia for me a beautiful rich Sherwood green, emerald cut, tourmaline from South Africa in the 1964, which he had set for me with brilliant cut and baguette diamonds. Sadly it was stolen in 1975 but my love of tourmalines has lives on.

Jessica Pearson Inspired Jumbo White Pearl Long Prong Earring

Finally after wanting to make this style for ages I found the right pearls, the right type of pronged Hook, for the pearls and then voila! Once all ready for the world to see, low and behold! I see Suits star Gina Torres, as the fabulous Jessica Pearson, from Suits and from the spin off Pearson, wearing my design.

This initial earring is with a beautifully exaggerated pointed top. However my idea is to make more with a pod shape pearl.

Happy with this though and have put it straight onto Etsy where I think it’s not going to last very long.

Black Pearl Cuff Bracelet

Good lord! it’s already September and I have not done a post for ages. Just when the weather heats up I get the urge to make some black pearls 4 row bracelets. I find my black pearl collection is the most requested items on my Etsy store. Usually these beautiful thick and luscious black pearl cuffs are only found on my Julleen E- Boutique but you just never know I may end up putting a few on Etsy too. Stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy my new creations for September 2019.