Copying others’ material for blogs. Not for me.

I have to constantly check the input by others’ comments on my blog here. The spammers are not the least bit original. All they seem to enter  is silly wording and invites, asking if I would like to copy wording/articles from some google site or another. The thing is, copying in any form, is not what I do and truly not what I want to ever be doing. In what sort of world are we living that copying is okay? In the real world copying is punishable. The internet seems to be the place where copying is totally acceptable. In my my own creative world of making pearl jewellery and blogging about it, I like to set trends, I like to create my own designs and I like to write articles in my own words in my blog. Making my own designer jewellery is a very fulfilling experience and I really love creating my own articles in my own words. For any artistic project you have to be inspired and the word “creating” in my books, means “making something from one’s own hands and from one’s own images seen through one’s own eyes”. Here’s a Julleen pink pearl jewellery set, I visualized and went about making. I’ve never seen it elsewhere, as I created it from conception to marketing it. I call it the Pink Musk Pearl Jewellery Set.

Happy Valentine’s Day

With Love in the air on this very special day for couples and wanna be couples, I just couldn’t help but think how wonderful life is when you’re in-love. For couples of any age, this is the day, that like no other, has romance in the air. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. May all your wishes come true and may your special someone be close to you for as long as you both shall live.

Black Baroque Pearl Earrings

I am so pleased to say that the last Julleen Black baroque pearl earring E072.06  was bought by a lady in New York from our Etsy store. We’re experiencing some good response from US clients of late (must be the exchange rate). Here are some new designer earrings that may please the people who missed out on that last pair. I’ll try to make more of the version with swing soon, however the current design sits like a stud earring and does not swing like the previous one. If you love the “different” then you’ll most probably love these charming Big Black Baroque and Sterling silver earrings. All beautifully bezel set by hand in thick substantial Hallmarked sterling silver.