Pretty Pink Pearl and Amber Necklace with Carnelian

I’ve just made these pearl and amber necklace with carnelian. I quite like combining the textures of pearls and a rougher cut chunky accent stone. I love the smoothness of silky natural creamy pink 9mm pearls but I always say when “understated” is the required all means wear something classical but please don’t make it “ordinary”. This is why I like adding something completely unusual when I make a long necklace. However, I don’t like to spoil the overall look of my favourite gem the pearl! and so I often place just one big stone as a focal point and blend the rest of the necklace with little discrete accents like amber or baby pearl in between the large ones, to hold attention, of the actual sweetness of the strand of pearls. You can buy this on Etsy. (follow the link below)

Pearl Amber and Carnelian