The Free Express Postage continues

Thanks for the fabulous response to the August Free Express post service. We are going to continue it until the end of September…you lucky customers you!!….we understand that you want special service and we love giving it to you..any two purchases will receive Free EXPRESS post and lovely designer packaging…with so much to chose are bound to find just the right thing for a ┬ábirthday, a wedding, an anniversary..or prom or an engagement, hey….how about ….if you are ….making good after a lover’s spat….any buy a pearl jewellery prezzie ….by Julleen will be appreciated…. for the girlfriend, a bridesmaid, a daughter, a deserving Mum, a grandmother and what about for the world’s best sister.

Give them an outstanding piece of pearl jewellery and they will love it. Julleen Pearl Jewellery…as individual as you !

King Tut Ring