New Long Black Lustrous Pearl Earrings – for New Year

When New Year’s Eve arrives this year I’ll be looking at wearing something new and something current. Somehow the closer we get to the end of the year the more creative I become. Let’s hope this new found bundle of artistic energy stays with me for 2017! Wanting to share some new designs in pearls earrings that I think will look great for evening accessory wear. These pearls are luscious and lustrous and the grouping in each design are really unique and ofcourse I strive to make them to last. All available right now on www.julleen.comĀ 



Pretty Pearl Earrings on Etsy by Julleen

A lovely variety of individual hand made pearl earrings made entirely with sterling silver using pearls and gemstone beads is a perfect gift for yourself or another on this boxing day. Chose from a huge variety of very special pearl earrings that will last the distance

Most available earrings have the added feature of seeing it on a model and so you can see the size and the way the earring would sit.

Pearl Jewellery with Gold Pearls

I love making pearl jewellery and this festive season I have made quite a few long necklaces with gemstone beads. The favourite seems to be pearl and gemstone earrings….today I will show you some of the special pieces I have created for this festive season. Most have gold pearls somewhere within the necklaces or earrings.

AllĀ Sets and sperates are in Mariko Boutique in South Perth


A Pearl Earring Design Favoured by HRH Queen Elizabeth

I love searching for Royals wearing pearls and I found HRH Queen Elizabeth often wears a design that I make for my Julleen Pearl Jewellery Label.Here’s The Queen wearing the white pearl stud earring that hovers sweetly just over the bottom tip of the ear lobe and seen here in a variety of shades in her outfits.

Diana’s Earrings Inspired this Pearl and Onyx Pendant

Princess Diana was/is the inspiration of many and to reveal a long time secret, I was inspired by her Pearl and Onyx Earrings to make my gorgeous pendant design seen on the necklace called Extreme Chic. The pendant is made of chunky sterling silver and a beautiful white mabe is mounted in the centre. In this instance Nikki is wearing the inspired pendant on a necklace made with Sterling Silver, lovely soft leather braid with this lovely pendant.