Pearl Jewellery Sets

One of the most beautiful things about having an online jewellery store is that you get feedback directly from customers and one of the most popular searches we have come to realize are the Pearl Jewellery Sets. We have quite a variety of them and will show you some right here.

Confusion reigns still re the word SET or SUITE. A set usually constitutes 2x matching pieces ,say a necklace and earring. Adding a third piece or even a fourth will make that matching collection a “SUITE”. A suite will often have a Pearl Necklace, Pearl Earring and perhaps a Pearl Bracelet, whatever the 3rd piece, when added to matching items is is called a suite!

One thought on “Pearl Jewellery Sets”

  1. The last image here of the girl wearing pink pearls, shows us an example of a Pearl Jewellery Suite. When 3 or more items in a matching collection are packaged together, it is called a Jewellery Suite, rather than a Jewellery Set.

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