Lobe Lift Earring great for Post-Op maintenance

Julleen Lobe Lift used for Post Op “Lobe Lift” maintenance. A great story in today from Chris, an Ex-Pat from UK, living in the Philippines, who has told me about her own journey with Droopy Ear Lobes. Each time I hear from my customers about this product, it makes me realize that I am definitely on the right path, in making these special push up bras for the lobes as news is spreading across the globe. It seems Chris first discussed this with someone in Munich! and later had an operation to fix her droopy lobes.┬áHere are Christine’s own words….

“As a matter of fact last year I had ‘the operation’ on my ears, having the holes (which were more like slits) sewn and the surgeon tightened the lobes too – they look great now. I had it done in Bangkok by a plastic surgeon – it was cheap. I left it 6 months or so before I had the ears re-pierced and now I do not want put any strain on the new holes but am keen to wear longer earrings again. Your product is perfect for me.”

say no more!

admittedly the models lobes here are not as drastically droopy as some of my customers but the idea and result is for all to see.

Ear Lobe Lift Secret
Ear Lobe Lift Secret