Pearls are my favourite gem

Often when browsing online for pearl jewellery, to keep up with the latest trends, I discover that many Julleen Pearl Jewllery Designs are well an truly out there ,being viewed, by lots of other browsers and shoppers. Am happy to see Julleen designs really stand out against others that are visible to the general public, whilst most others are positively boring. I did happen to stumble across this one… which I’d like to share and think it’s definitely worth a read. The website, called jewelinfo4u discusses a few varieties of pearls. Enjoy!

Mint Tones in Jewellery and accessories

I don’t know about you but I love looking at the outfits worn by the women on the Red Carpet. Of course last night was our night of nights for Australian TV – our Annual Logies!  I have a few hot faves and thought Jessica Marias and Asher Keddie looked fantastic. So original and at least they dare to be unique.

I have personally great fun finding products that will accessorize a particular colour. Today I’ve chosen Mint green. I make lots of pearl jewellery with silver and gemstones in this gorgeous pastel colour. Hope you enjoy the images presented below .


Loved Kate in Yellow

Wow..I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do yellow like our Duchess of Cambridge – Kate. I thought it couldn’t get any better for the pearl jewellery industry (I’ve always got my eye out on women wearing pearls) until..I saw the the white Zimmerman dress with Kate wearing pearls again. To top the whole thing off… we see a blissfully happy photo of the much adored royal couple a sporting venue in Australian where again Kate wears a pearl stud earring..looking very much like our Julleen Pearl Stud 11 mm Earring. Had to share this as I am thrilled to prove by the variety below how a pearl earring can go with just about an occasion and any outfit. Am I wrong? The Earring we named after Kate cos she’s so gorgeous we named another one after her also – Sweet white a pearl stud earring.



Boo Hoo! Squidoo has blocked my lens

Squidoo used to be a great site for those of us who had a lot to say about their particular love or pet hate. I wrote a really good article…actually several good articles… and Squiddo has blocked nearly all of them. This latest one was called Pearls and Politics and I changed the title yesterday.. to “Girl Power and Pearls” and edited it further (they love you to do that regularly..or they used to) to bring it up to speed…what was once a wonderful blog site for writers who seriously tried to achieve good articles….is now a very restricted blogging site and being seriously edited. Free speech is seemingly barred! Who’s to say what is worth publishing and what is to be banished from public viewing….they do!…because it’s their site. Right or wrong…my article has vanished.

Just to clear up a few things. Some of the bits in the Lens were outdated…like Princess Catherine being pregnant…we of course know she is coming “down under” with little George…she is no longer in the family way….and so I updated that…I really thought I had streamlined it and made it current.

I chatted about women in politics who wore pearls to give their images a boost..and how wearing pearls or pearl jewellery really gave female pollies a much needed boost of CRED! Damn it!…and now all my words are lost in cyber space …and the excuse Squidoo gave to block my publishing of my Lens.. was it was not complete… that it was still in the editing mode. huh? come they published it before….then decided to reverse that….It used to be “public” and now it has been blocked totally from view. They don’t want your Lenses (their word for articles) to be copied or plagiarized (like I would even need to COPY..I can write my own articles thanks..)…or for a Lens to be too ….shall we say…. commercial….so I took all my product links off and added a few Amazon links to PEARL related books (they love that too) and they say….it looks suspiciously like I contravened some sort of generic guidelines. I was not to be …too commercial…okay I get that…but other Lenses are in fact very commercial….and they lead to their own online stores. Squidoo in my opinion  are not specific enough as to where we made the boo boos….and so we never KNOW what we’ve mistakenly done…to upset their Squidoo team. The links I added in my Lens …lead to this blog….and to my Pinterest board…called “Pearls and Politics”(and not linked directly to my goods online or my E Shops) Phew! So I’ve bowed and cow towed…and still no article! to be seen.

So much for original content which took me a while to create and edit… and so much for entertaining articles …which may or may not be enjoyable  reading for others.

Since writing this little blog article I now have three published articles on Squidoo….