Loved Kate in Yellow

Wow..I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do yellow like our Duchess of Cambridge – Kate. I thought it couldn’t get any better for the pearl jewellery industry (I’ve always got my eye out on women wearing pearls) until..I saw the the white Zimmerman dress with Kate wearing pearls again. To top the whole thing off… we see a blissfully happy photo of the much adored royal couple ..at a sporting venue in Australian where again Kate wears a pearl stud earring..looking very much like our Julleen Pearl Stud 11 mm Earring. Had to share this as I am thrilled to prove by the variety below how a pearl earring can go with just about an occasion and any outfit. Am I wrong?

http://www.julleen.com/product/kate-pearl-drop-earring/ The Earring we named after Kate

http://www.julleen.com/product/princess-kate-earrings/and cos she’s so gorgeous we named another one after her also

http://www.julleen.com.au/product-p/e300.11.htm – Sweet white a pearl stud earring.