Pearl Jewellery Sets

One of the most beautiful things about having an online jewellery store is that you get feedback directly from customers and one of the most popular searches we have come to realize are the Pearl Jewellery Sets. We have quite a variety of them and will show you some right here.

Confusion reigns still re the word SET or SUITE. A set usually constitutes 2x matching pieces ,say a necklace and earring. Adding a third piece or even a fourth will make that matching collection a “SUITE”. A suite will often have a Pearl Necklace, Pearl Earring and perhaps a Pearl Bracelet, whatever the 3rd piece, when added to matching items is is called a suite!

Long Pearl Necklaces by Julleen at Mariko Boutique South Perth

After  a stunning Christmas and New year at Mariko Boutiques in South Perth, Julleen Pearl Jewellery has introduced a fresh range for 2014. Some very unique creations in long pearl necklaces are being launched on Saturday and some very interesting designs were placed in the boutiques just last week and there are more to come. Our jewellery moves quickly at Mariko so best be the first IN line for some gorgeous “ONE OF” pieces in good quality pearls that will last the distance. I’ve been making some great new designs and also a few repeats ( that have been re -requested). This is our 14th year at the Mariko boutiques and it never ceases to amaze me how much their customers love Julleen Pearl Designs and I’m so pleased they keep coming right back, for more.