Bronze Pearl Jewellery

Bronze Pearl Jewellery has always been quite rare but I find when I make it people just love it.  Over many years there has been a real following for this charming colour pearl. It really is from the black pearl variety yet also has gold tones to it, that are so vibrant and alive you would swear it comes from gold based pearls. As with most of the unusual colours, it has a mixture of hues that create a rich Copper and Bronze pearl.

They seem to have a type of renaissance feel to them and I find many artists and those who appreciate art, just adore the warm glows that bronze freshwater pearls create. As an designer I love adding a contrasting gemstone Bead like the Blue of Lapis or the Green in Jade and orange of Coral and the bright blue of Turquoise – just to be a little different from the rest!

The Mabe or Blister Pearl

The mabe or blister pearl is an ancient method of pearl harvesting. The stunning effect created, looks like half a huge pearl. However it is a blister created by the oyster with the help of man (cultured pearling).


To form a Mabe or blister pearl, a small base usually a dome or in some instances, tiny figures like the above Buddhas, are placed delicately on the shell of the oyster or mussel, rather than within the fleshy part, of the shell creature, as in cultivating or even finding natural full pearls. The irritation acts exactly the same as that of the creation of solid pearl. The intruder soon gathers nacreous layers, (pearl surface). The result is the nacre produced looks like a blister. The blisters are painstakingly removed and delicately mounted on half domes with backs hidden and then sheathed with a Mother of Pearl base for it to sit before adding to jewellery. This cultured pearl dome or the Buddhas are complete. Voila! the Mabe is BORN.

There are nautilus mabes, seen in the ring and green oval pendant below and mabes left in their own bezel. There are colourful mabes, pink, golds, greens and blues, sometimes a grey one if you can find it and of course white mabes and even blacks, that I have set over many years.

Ah the beauty of the Mabe Pearl hey!



Black and White Pearl Earrings in Sterling Silver

If you are on the look out for some two tone pearl earrings in Black and White I think you’ll be pleased to see my new collection on my Etsy Store. Not only do these pearl earrings look completely different from the average online or shopping Mall jewellery stores, the quality of each earring is just top drawer and the shelf life for them is ongoing. These beauties are made to last for as long as you want to wear them and that could mean a mighty long time.

Take a look