Happy Purchaser Wearing Her New Earring

I often ask my clients to please send me a pic wearing their purchase and am so happy to see one finally came through. This is the lovely Jane wearing her special Double White Pearl Earring which I was commissioned to make. I think the results are pretty wonderful.


Love A White Pearl Earring in Sterling Silver by Julleen Jewels

Just when you think you have seen every possible White Pearl Earring on the planet you find there are loads more to enjoy. I have a real thing about creating completely different pearl jewellery but when it comes to the White Pearl Earring I have gone to town.

If the Julleen Pearl Jewellery range isn’t one of the biggest variety and collections of White Pearl and Sterling Earrings made by one designer label, then honestly I don’t know what designer label would do bigger and what’s more, better!

Pearl Jewellery is my true passion in life. I am sure I drive some people mad as I must mention my jewellery making every day. I strive to make an earring last for a life time and for a design that is only meant for the person who buys it. This is why many of my earrings are one’s OF and my customers return two decades on, yet have their original pieces still. I am collecting all the images of White Pearl Earrings for all to see on my Pinterest page. Some with a bit of colour added in the way of a stone like a garnet or peridot but basically a beautiful white pearl earring in Sterling Silver or with gold vermeil added over the sterling.

Please enjoy!


Pearl Jewellery with a touch of Black and Green

I really love using colours when making pearl jewellery. Creating a look that no one else would dare to try is my favourite thing. I wanted an Art Deco look and wanted to use a bit lime green with black against the stark beauty of white genuine pearls. Introducing the Designer set called Groovy. I used some cute Lime Crystal beads in both the earrings and the necklace I think it goes beautifully with the Black Wood Pendant and button pearls. It has a type of Deco feel to it and it certainly is something you will never see anywhere else.


Rare Double White Pearl Earring

Christmas time brings inspiration sometimes. I just made the perfect Earring. A double white pearl drop bezel set and tear drop sterling silver earring. I thought I would share it here. Stunning 9 mm button bezel set pearls with a large plump dangle pearl. So feminine! Similar can be purchased at https://www.julleen.com/product-category/earrings/bezel-set/