Doris Day Wearing Pearls

I love collecting images of women wearing pearls and today I would like to share some fabulous photos of Doris Day. I mean (honestly) who doesn’t love Doris Day. I have included a remarkable one of her at 70. Almost unbelievable as she has the breasts of a 20 year old (well it has to be sure you’ll all be thinking it). I tell you..these stars from old Hollywood had something in their genes…they were able to keep their bodies toned and taut in their later years. Seriously though, I admire this women so much and like many kids of the 60’s I grew idolizing Doris Day and loved her movies with Rock Hudson they had such a great chemistry and were great mates. Doris often wore pearls as did many of the starlets of yester year. Perhaps this is where my love of pearls originated…as

I loved the movies..and remember how lucky I was living directly opposite the Wintergarden Picture theatre in Rose Bay in Sydney as a child and when I came home on boarders’ weekends I would high tail it to the movies. Doris was one of the first animal activists and I loved her for it. Enjoy!


Doris_Day_pearls-earring Doris_Day_the heart-throb Doris_Day_with_Pearls Doris-Day_Pearl-earring-cluster Doris-Day_Pearls1 Doris-Day_Pearls3 Doris-Day_Pearls5 Doris-Day_Pearls6 Doris-Day_Pearls7 Doris-Day_Pearls-70 doris-day-a-pearl-and-gemstone-necklace doris-day-pink-dance-pearls Doris-Day-with-Pearls-big-laugh


Happy customers in America

Recently as our dollar drops here in Australia, America is now becoming a serious market to West Australian pearl jewellery manufacturers. At Julleen we have noticed an up ward trend in sales to USA for the last few months and I am personally thrilled to get our gorgeous designs into the mainstream in the USA, for weddings particularly. Julleen pearl jewellery is a decent quality and made to last. What was thrilling to me personally today was that a young woman who is about to get married was given a pearl necklace by her grandmother, to wear on her wedding and then the bride-to-be bought some earrings, so she would have the complete set. I just got some lovely news from a bride this morning that the earrings match perfectly. Wow happy customers from such a huge distance. The earrings took just 8 working days to get to USA.

pearly-cake-julleen-images cream pearsl flower-in-the- hair-cream- weddingsilver_glitter_diamonds_platform_high_heels_2

Tuquoise Colour Theme – Just Timeless

Just when you think you can’t stand too see one more lemon top or handbag, there are more again this year. Not so for the stunningly timeless colour Turquoise! Blues particularly Aqua or Turquoise…who can ever grow tired of it? Not me!  Blues have come wooshing back into the mainstream fashion plates for Spring and Summer. Coastal is the main theme for interiors. Turquoise is always such a hit really and never seems to leave fashion trends for long. In fact this is truly one of my favourite tones as I too used it ..back in the my colour theme for my wedding. One day I’ll pull out those pics and share them with you….but for now…to show you the many beautiful ways this colour can be used you can go to the Julleen Pearl Pinterst clipboards or take a quick browse here.

Black Pearl Studs in Clip Ons

Sometimes I have thank people for asking me about a specific product and after posting two strings of our Black Pearl necklaces on Facebook I was asked if we made Stud earrings , which lead to another request by Becca who asked me about studs in sterling silver with a clip. Well!..I think I have found my topic for today.

The last 4 images are pearl studs for pierced ears. The first 5 are clip on pearl Studs. You will notice all have a bezel (a metal frame) around each single pearl. The reason we need to SET or MOUNT a pearl into sterling silver is so we can add a clip onto the back. Am sure you get it but just in case you didn’t now you know. As a lover of clip on earrings myself I am happy to talk about them. In fact I made a few videos on YouTube about clip on earrings and will post the links at the end.

Meanwhile a picture tells a thousand words…they say and so here are some lovely black pearl stud earrings for you. The video link is just below.


Inspired by Marilyn Monroe

Often I find it amusing that I create a pearl jewellery design, then suddenly I find something perhaps years later, like an old picture of a star wearing almost the same design I created without having the slightest notion from where the inspiration came. Or in fact that someone else may have worn that similar something decades before. Twice now I have found a similar earring that I created looking very much like a design Marilyn Monroe wore and just for interest sake I will add them below.


Julleen Pearls at Woody Nook Margaret River

Every now and again I like to bring the focus towards our good mates at Woody Nook Winery in Margaret River, who continue to showcase Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs. Regular sales even through the most difficult retail times every known in Australia, has been a joint effort between the staff at Woody Nook and Jane herself  along with Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs.  We are so proud of our long relationship with Woody Nook winery that I thought we should give them a plug! right here on my blog at pearlsjewelleryonline. Here’s to the continuing collaboration between two troupers who are “women in business in WA”.


Woody Nook thrives today because of the hands on approach Jane gives to everything she takes on which exactly my own motto in business. Raise a glass of wine as a toast to Jane and Woody Nook winery and may Julleen sales continue as always!


What makes Julleen different?

The Julleen label has a traditional approach to good service to all customers. Unbeatable quality of workmanship and design, for this price range. Julleen Pearl Jewellery is simply perfect for any occasion our Designer Jewellery will last much longer than the rest, as all components are genuine metals and gemstones, and everything is hand made with the utmost care. We also hand pick each and every gem in the collection.

We permanently guarantee each piece with a stamped and signed warranty slip which also doubles as a “how to care” pamphlet. 


Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs ….As Individual As You!