Cuba Style Earrings Blocked for sale on internet

Using the name Cuba in any product description apparently is a NO GO! on the internet, the robots hate it! oh no! and they send out alarm bells to PayPal and to Etsy which is a US site for selling arty and crafty hand made goods. As I make my own designs it’s a perfect spot for me to sell my ONE OFFs.

Over the last few days a customer living up north in Australia wanted to buy my Cuba Style Earring design listed on Etsy. She tried four times to pay for them via PayPal and 4 times the funds were refused. The customer who herself was puzzled about this, called PayPal directly and they confirmed that the name Cuba was the reason for their rejection. Although this all seems rather George Orwell 1984! it looks as though the invented culture from his book, has found it’s way today in the 21st Century. Absurdism? yes!

Bright Colour Jewellery
Bright Colour Jewellery

Bright Gemstone Earring

Added note

Success! .a quick relisting of the item with a new name…made all the difference..thank goodness I have loyal and patient customers