Julleen Lobe Lift Earring Just in Time for Mother’s Day on Julleen Jewels on Etsy

The Julleen Pearl Jewellery range has a miracle Lobe Lift in the form of a ball and stud Earring in beautiful sterling silver. I am so happy to say it is available again and Just! in time for Mother’s Day. And for the very first time we introduce it onĀ  Julleen Jewels – on Etsy.


The miracle actually being the back clip that props up your droopy lobes, is back in stock. This simple but clever levered butterfly clip works wonders and is one of our best sellers. Nearly everyone who purchases a stud earring decides to get one to enhance the overall look of your earring and some come back for more for relatives and friends.

The look of a stud pearl or any earring really, looks firmer on the ear with this Lobe Lift Earring. It makes your earring more centered and in looks much neater and more in place. It has another function of stopping your lobe from elongating further. I think we can all appreciate after having worn an earring for many years the lobe becomes more saggy as we age too.

Take a look at my little video on the Droopy Ear Lobes and the Lifter that.


The Cate and Diana Style Pearl Earring – Just in

There was a little build up of excitement there, regarding the Pearl Earring that has been worn by both Princess Diana and Kate. I thought I would pay homage to the stunning style of both women and created a similar style with a pearl that is so lovely and really has almost the volume of Diana’s Pearl Earrings. Hope you love it as I do

I call it Virgina Bow.



Princess Diana’s Pearl Earrings Worn by Kate at the BAFTAs 2019. Spot the Difference

I am forever on the look out for Royals and Women of prominence wearing pearl earrings or pearl necklaces. I just discovered the images of the lovely earrings Kate wore to this year’s BAFTA’s were Diana’s, however the size of the pearls have definitely changed and so have the small details of the caps that top the pearls.

Diana wore huge more rounded pearls in this design but as we see, here Kate is wearing a more slender and sleeker tear drop shaped pearl, with variegated caps and less volume. These are most probably lighter to wear and not heavy for a delicate ear lobe. It’s here I make a reference to well “Maybe she should have been wearing the Julleen LOBE LIFT”.

Perhaps the original pearls had been changed at Kate’s request. Who knows but after 20 years in the pearl business I have a very keen eye for sizes and shapes of pearls, which is maddening sometimes. oh well c’est la vie! I give you! our two Princesses wearing their pearl earrings – you tell me –

can you spot the difference!

Here’s the Julleen Lobe Lift Secret Earring


Huge New White 11 mm Pearls Just In!

I am so excited to share these images of the newly arrived AA grade White freshwater 11 mm pearls. Just huge but the quality has not suffered. The lustre is truly stunning allowing for smooth and even surfaces that everyone is going just love. It’s been a long time since I have found quality pearls, as these, to work with. I can’t wait to begin making some stunning new huge white pearl necklaces and I intend to share my new creations with the world! right here on my blog shortly.

Also freshly arrived are some magic creamy magnolia white oval pearls which I will enjoy pairing up for drop pearl earrings and feature others in some of my new designer pearl necklaces!



Pearl Collar with Long Triple Strand Cascades an Award Winning Design

Many stunning designs appear at the Japan Jewellery Association’s annual jewellery designs awards. From the outset, my own interests have always been, all about the designs, we pearl jewellery designers can create. Understandably then, this Japanese design just blew my mind. The ingenuity of this particular vision was spectacular. Copious amounts of pearls are bezel set into a jewelled collar with three strands luxuriously positioned all the way around the back of the neck but wait there’s more! Again three luscious long strands and evenly tiered strings of white pearls, cascade down the front to make for a long flowing outrageously stunning, triple stranded pearl necklace. WOW!

MY own attempts at making Pearl Collars I thought were quite lovely but I think this new award wining Japanese design is just too heavenly not to appreciate and I just had to share it with you today.


9 Stylish Julleen Pearl on Chain Earrings in Sterling Silver

There is nothing like a pearl earring to truly enhance a lovely outfit for a wedding or for any occasion really. This is why I make a huge variety of pearl earrings with stones and sterling but we have a lovely collection of Pearl Earrings on Chains that I want to share with you today

these can all be found right here