Orange – a top colour this season.

Everywhere I look there seems to be people wearing a cripsy sherbert orange in tops, in dresses and some accessories. It’s a stunning happy colour, I personally love but finding jewellery to match, when you like genuine pearl jewellery is not easy. I’ve looked. This orange tone necklace is made from gorgeous orange carnelian, as it’s centre drop. It’s such a lovely design that was first created a while back which I keep coming back to with different colourings. This one has luscious gold, champagne, beige, coral and purple pearls, with golden citrines in facetted gemstone beads and a few golden chips to enhance the warmth and glow or these combined stones and lastly I’ve highlighted the look with Salmon Jade beads. Of course rich slathers of sterling silver are always part of the mix. Take a look at Julleen Jewels on Etsy and see how I’ve used these components to create the tones of Orange so popular for this up coming Summer Season in Australia.

Marilyn ahead of her time

I adore Marilyn Monroe and was brought up listening to Ella Fitzgerald. There are some obscure stories about her but this is a beauty and shows MM had soul. Apparently she was such a huge fan of Ella Fitzgerald that MM unashamedly bribed a night club owner to book Ella for a gig at his club. Marilyn told the house to book a front seat table every night. At that time black entertainers were not permitted to perform live at night clubs (a madness in those times that I still can’t understand and remember my family going to see Ella at Chequers night club in Sydney…when there was a WHITE Australia Policy and black artists in the 50’s were only permitted here.. to entertain). Franky did much for Sammy Davis Jnr we all know this… but I had no idea… until I read this article about Marilyn…that she was so creative and aided a fellow entertainer to get her chance in the spotlight. Ella was most grateful as this one gig opened many doors for her. Since that opportunity she could play anywhere any time for anyone. Marilyn true to her word …sat in the audience every night. The paparazzi at that time of course buzzed around MM where ever she went and she decided to use her celebrity status to good ends. What a gem!

The story appeals to me and it’s good to see a story about Marilyn… that shines a light on her inner strength and intelligence as a woman of immense power in her time. “Ahead of her times” as Ella once remarked. AND hey hey… just because this is my Blog about pearl jewellery…. I have added a stunning earring that reminds me so much of Marilyn. She is wearing the same style as our drop pearl earring in sterling silver called January.


Julleen Double Pearl Earring best price as you are buying direct.

It is often said that in fashion you have to keep up with the latest. At Julleen we most definitely keep this in mind however we make classical jewellery that lasts and still remains stunningly wearable and down right, up to the moment. Recently I “googled” Double Pearl Earrings (as you do!) just to see what the latest design may be in that category. I found a pair, incredibly similar to our design, the Julleen “Double Pearl Earring” (that we have been making now for many years). I was flabbergasted, as the price for these were $435! Our Miss Julleen Double Pearl Sterling Silver Earring at $220 and White Bride Double Gold Pearl Earring for $230 (in either post or in a clip on) are always available in our online stores.

I believe our original Julleen version, is the best for the price, out on the fashion style scene. This style is enduring and the larger pearls we use, are matched beautifully. That particular copy of our style, was actually for a smaller sized pearl. AND Wow! after a calculation, I discovered for that amount you can get two! of our Pearl earrings. Take a look see. Follow the links below to view more and purchase either of these two simply stunning double pearl earrings.

Sterling Silver –

Gold Vermeil –




Pearl Jewellery on Peggy Lee

I love the look of retro chic! and found this stunning image of the magnificent Peggy Lee. If you are asking who in the hell ……well people honestly!…. if you don’t know who Peggy Lee is, I am gong to explain. She was the world’s sexiest recording artist of her day, with a voice as smooth as honey and oozing what they used to call “sex appeal”. I believe her original version of “Fever” remained high on the charts for a very long time in the 50’s and her adaptation remains the best of all time (in THIS blogger’s opinion). Personally I have lovely memories of my grandparents playing this version over and over again. I thought I’d share this gorgeous photo of Peggy and show you the Retro Chic necklace I made with just this type of 50’s glamour in mind.

Here’s Peggy’s clip