Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day! As an Aussie I love the colours of the outback. I lived in central Australia for a while with my young family and loved my walks in the bush with the gorgeous red rusty colours in the early hours of the morning. I have dedicated a few designs to the colours of the Australian outback. Some presented here.

A beautiful rich red Jasper Pendant Pearl and Gemstone necklace and my recently made long white pearl necklace with strong earthy colours with the white pearls representing the magnificent clouds we see in the Australian sky. A natural carnelian accent stone, sprinkled with natural tourmaline chips and lovely sterling silver. Plus the Japser Donut necklace, which I also make with pearls. All these and more are all available in my Etsy store.  






Beautiful Amethyst, birthstone for February.

Who doesn’t like amethysts. Some of the most beautiful gems on earth are amethyst. I love working with them. The richer the purple hue the better I like it.

I found these in my favourite Pakistiani gem merchants’ in Indonesia. You have to be a long standing client to even be allowed to enter. There are armed guards at the entrances and it’s here that I always like to go when looking for top quality stones. Going there is quite an experience for me as the walls are filled with cabinets and drawers that are filled to the brim with gems! It’s sheer heaven for me.

Today I added a set of emerald cut amethyst earrings that are individually bezil set, to the Julleen E-Tail store, and I wanted to share their beauty with you.


Chasing the best black pearl earring.

A good friend of mine and regular customer for 16 years, bought a beautiful set of very expensive Black Salt Water pearls in about 10 mm. They were sold with backs that, being gold, were as costly as the actual earring and weighed more than the pearls. As this was an expensive gift from her husband I complimented her on the earrings but I did not like what I saw. The earrings were actually just drooping off her ear looking like they were about to drop off completely. The backs were weighing the lobes down but she blamed her sagging lobes. I however, blamed the backings.

I offered her a Julleen lobe lift to try on. Immediately the droop was altered. I also showed her the set of black pearl studs (seen below) in 11 mm. Voila instant love! A stunning new black earring with the set of lobe lifts and the look was spectacular! She left here a happy girl, with quality black Julleen earrings sitting up high on the lobe and not looking as though she were about to lose them any second.

The point is – Freshwater pearls to me, definitely have more substance and more value than the salt water variety. It was good to have helped a good friend and just wonderful to get to see the results of the products I love and sell.

See Below – the black studs the lobe lift and a few popular earrings.






Classic Designs Live On

Happy new Year to everyone. A fresh start for 2016 for me and for my Julleen label. Whilst reviewing the designs on my bridal jewellery and the Julleen fashion E-tail stores each new year, I am determined to reduce the online collection. Each year I am pleasantly surprised how my classical looks live on.

To shop for the designs below click on Online Shop (top left)

It’s difficult culling designs that have taken many hours to create and get online for sale. It’s a huge job but one I love. There are plenty of fashion houses that cater to the quick fashionable throw away jewellery pieces and I appreciate them for what they are…a quick fix! I love making pearl jewellery that I love myself and it’s proven to be the best formula for Julleen designs for many years. Most of these are classical styles and I am pretty proud of them. It’s incredibly rewarding for me to see many of my pieces still being worn by customers who still love and wear their Julleen pieces virtually until they drop off. But guess what??.. they never do.

For 2016 I am going back to basics and concentrating on more luscious and substantial classic and timeless pieces.