Mother’s Day! Are you buying her pearl jewellery – I bet she wants you to

Easter just ended and here we are looking at Mother’s Day just around the corner. What are we getting Mum this year. How many times have we heard that? Finding something special for Mother’s day is not difficult, Click on the big Pink ONLINE SHOP button (right here on the left of this page). Let me show you the stunning yet reasonable pearl jewellery designs that truly look so much more valuable than the price tag suggests.

I bought my Mum pearls years ago and continually do so and seriously my Mum literally wears her Julleen pearls every single day! Even at home!..often at home or out for a coffee? yes siree! I like seeing all my pearl-jewellery gifts to my Mum, come to good use.

I come from generations of women who cared for their grooming and always looked their very best. I am sort of proud of that. I simply wouldn't dream of going anywhere without my hair and makeup done and hang on! some pearl-jewellery.  Whether on my fingers, wrists, necks or ears or maybe all the above.

Go that extra step! but do it the easy way buy an item online. Let us deliver it to her front doorstep for you. Particularly handy when you live abroad, as an Ex Pat!. Get Mum a new pearl-jewellery item this year. I bet she wants you to.

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Get 50% off for a second purchase for a Pearl Earring or Pearl Bracelet, or 30% off a 2nd Necklace Set. 

Just in case you don’t believe how many rellies give their Mum’s a pearl-jewellery prezzie for Mother’s Day – please go check out the Feedback! in the Julleen Pearl, E Boutique, where you’ll see loads of real people who have bought their Mums a pearl jewellery surprise for their special day and still do.

Feedback and Customer Review Corner

A Red Garnet and Pearl Earring by Julleen Jewels

Red is popular at anytime and Garnets are just about everyone’s most beloved gems. Red gems were usually was worn by Royalty and when these gemstones were used with gold – Woo Hoo! the look was just unbelievably decadent! It because I adore the rich warm strength of gold and red together. I designed this!

Finding a stylish garnet and pearl earring that you can wear at any time with real confidence isn’t difficult. You just need know where! to look. Today, a gold version of a style I always make in sterling silver, is listed on the Julleen Jewels Store on Etsy. Hallmarked 925 in gold vermeil it really shines!

If Sterling Silver! is more your thing, you can purchase it in Hallmarked 925 here:

Pink Pearls are trending for 2017

Pearl colours go through cycles for the last 3 years white pearls and only whites have been so popular that any other pearl colour seemed to be insignificant to consumers. Enter 2017! and all that has changed. Virtually since New Year’s Eve the shift has been to softer subtle luscious pink pearls. Providing you get the natural variety showing the tones and hues overall look of pretty pink pearls then you should look at adding a pink pearl design to you collection. Pinks from creamy pink to peachy pink and then lavender pink to fairy floss pinks. Yum! The prospects are endless. Soft and subtle like flower petals it’s the tone, am sure you’ll love. A pink pearl earring, pink pearl bracelet or necklace in pink pearls? ah what the heck! have them all.

Pinks pearls heavenly! and here are a few piece that may inspire you.