An Amber Necklace

After a good break from making jewellery I found it quite a struggle to get into it again and particularly to create something that will go with orange. Orange is my new fave colour right now. After three attempts I finally got the blend of colours, textures, shapes and sizes and the balance (very important) just right……me thinks! Thought I’d share my amber necklace creation with you today. It’s 47″ and so quite a long piece. There’s a lovely amber pendant necklace on Etsy that I made which I think is pretty special. Take a peek at it and browse my little boutique there. You may find some good pieces at very good prices there –

If you are interested in Amber I found a good reference link which has some interesting info on Amber’s origins and lists it’s healing properties of this lovely gemstone. Amber clears the mind and gives us peace. No wonder it has been worn as a talisman for centuries.