Gold Pearl and Carnelian Necklace with Tourmaline

If you’ve ever wondered what rough carnelian looks like then here’s your chance. I fell in love with these rough orange gemstone nuggets and thought immediately how lovely they’d look with gold pearls. There are all sorts of gold pearls of course but the pearls presented here are a peachy/gold colour. They are all ringed baroque and oval pearls. This was a project of love as these pearls were difficult to match up but so worth the effort, as I think you’ll find here.

To enhance the orange toned carnelian which almost looks like candied fruit,  I’ve added amber facetted citrine beads and some lovely 5 mm facetted watermelon tourmaline beads. The sterling silver with some gold vermeil spacers also, really made this design all come together beautifully. As a lariat design this allows you, to wear the necklace in a long style with a long drop front but you can twist the necklace around a few times and wear it as a bracelet, or as a double row necklace. Having a long pearl necklace, makes for a versatile jewellery piece every time!