What gemstone for Valentine’s Day

What is the gemstone for Valentine’s day. Wow what a question and one I have been asked many times lately. Here are some tips for the day for lovers Valentine’s Day. Amethysts are for February and are usually purple but you can get green amethysts too…so this is a beautiful choice for just about any skin tone. If you want to really radiate sweet young love then no question Rose Quartz and pink pearls are perfect. Red Garnets, Red Carnelian or Rubies are good gemstones… for this occasion… as Red symbolizes love. Find out what your girl loves is my tip and then that stone will be the one that is appreciated the most. Here are some lovely suggestions depending on your pocket. Easy to find in categories called necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. GO for it whatever you choose we are sure it will be perfect. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day everyone.


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Gold Drop Earring – Franny http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/earrings/drop/franny-e079/


Garnet Cross necklace. Mary Tudor   http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/necklaces/leather/mary-tudor-pcd001-01/

Red and Garnet necklace. Moulin Rouge  http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/necklaces/leather/moulin-rouge-jd100-06/

Long Drop earring garnet and pearl. Felicia http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/earrings/drop/felicia-e078-04-02/

Garent pearl Stud. Laura Garnet  http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/earrings/pearl-stud/laura-garnet-e022-02/

Rose Quartz pendant bracelet. Tessa  http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/bracelets/pearl-gemstones/tessa-pink-br007p_b/

Soft peachy pink bracelet. Peachy Crush http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/bracelets/pearl-cuffs/peachy-crush-pearl-cuff-br009-01/