Still on amethysts

The beauty of amethysts is admired by many. It is the stone for February and the gemstone for sun sign Aquarius and also of the planet Neptune and Jupiter. (Partly one of the reasons these regal stones are in many of Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs.. as I am an Aquarian). For many years our annual donation of two Jewellery Sets, auctioned at the fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes (Jelly Baby Ball) here in Perth, included one set in amethyst. Not surprisingly, this set always raised the most on the night. The rich purple shades of amethyst  are by far the most popular colour but do come in others such as blue, green, lilac and mauve. Did you know that Amethyst crystals and gemstones will stimulate your imagination.

amethystJULLEEN.BM.AM2Img_7315 E026.14. IMG_2064 EM002Amethyst Pearl NecklaceBRDF001.2nd picAMETHYST1

As a healing stone Amethyst is remarkable. It’s good for curing headaches and known to help with insomnia (to be worn or even placed under the pillow at night) for a restful sleep and known to be used for those who suffer from nightmares. Instinctively I put a large amethyst crystal next to my desk and I use it as a background feature in many images of Julleen Jewellery. ( Note the Dragon Fly brooch).