Big Cocktail Rings the latest craze for the forefinger.

It amazing, even though we say “start your own trends and be original” there is no better feeling than having been copied. They say it’s the best form of flattery. Three years ago we began making a lemon quartz cocktail ring. So popular that we sold out in no time. We saw loads of cheap and nasty copies out there however they could not match the quality of workmanship and design that we do at Julleen. Finally after many requests, this Summer we created even more fruity, and super cool colours for a broader choice. Here they are all grouped together. These are worn on the forefinger (or index finger) and look beautiful any time any where.

Cocktail ring for index finger
Gemstone Cocktail ring for the forefinger



A cocktail ring in Lime Green
Huge Gemstone Cocktail Ring by Julleen