Liz And La Peregrina. Jewellery That Lasts, Please.

I saw a discussion on another blog I love FOF I’ve been a member for a long time now. It was all about Liz Taylor and her jewels. Of course the most famous and my absolute fave was La Peregrina the over 50 ct pearl which is over 500 years old. Liz was given this in 1967 for Valentine’s Day by Richard Burton and was bought for a record at the time $37,000. It sold at auction for 11.8 million just last year. This woman had a good eye for jewellery and knew that good pieces will last for may generations. Although I love the modern day jewellery, some is cheap and nasty and bought, just to gain affect for an outfit, I can’t help but try to make jewellery that lasts the distance  and more than a lifetime. I would like to think that many years after I have gone, Julleen designer pearl jewellery will be out there somewhere owned by someone who will cherish their much loved piece, for their lifetime and will continue to hand it down to the next generation. Jewellery should be “made to last” and last longer than the wearers themselves.

Liz Taylor. La Peregrina Blue Topaz and Pearl Necklace


here’s a little write up I did on our own Blue Heaven Necklace with Liz wearing the La Peregrina and what I wrote on FOF this morning…


julia Ray says:

Liz! What a woman! She had an incredible “eye” for good Jewelry. She always said that the museum collectors’ pieces, like my fave, the pearl worn by Queen Mary, La Peregrina, were hers only as their carer, because jewelry would last several life times, as proven by this pearl with a 500 year history.

Take a look at something very special a necklace I believe is a must have!

a look at an article for La Peregrina