A bracelet just like Kylie’s

You too could have a lovely pearl cuff like Kylie Gillies was wearing on The Morning Show today. This design just never dates and continues to make a simple outfit just shine with a pop of pearl. Pearl Cuff Bracelets just keep on looking fabulous when you don’t want to wear too many accessories. Here are some images of Kylie and of the bracelet.

IMG_4770BR2200_01  Pearl Cuff Bracelet








This Julleen pearl cuff in black and white with a sprinkling of crystals, smokey quartz and other various interesting pearls  shows that each bracelet is very individual…as they are made by hand with all sorts of pearls and gemstones but it seems each cuff is more gorgeous than the next. BUY IT HERE http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/bracelets/pearl-gemstones/mumbo-combo-cuff-br2200-02/

BR2200BR2200_02  kylie.bracelet

Kylie’s Pearl Cuff Bracelet