Secret Harbour – Happy Online Shopper

I have to remind myself sometimes how huge, WA actually is. What we think, may not be such a huge distance, from Perth CBD,  can mean a heap of travelling time which could be used on doing much nicer things like shopping online!  If you are time poor, like me, then you just hate wasting time in traffic. This one thing!…could be the reason, so many are buying on LINE. Looking back, what seemed to me a great idea of supplying my customers over in the Eastern States, constantly surprises me lately, with so many of my customers in Perth and WA buying Julleen Jewellery on line!

A lovely young teacher from Secret Harbour just purchased a very pretty set of earrings from us on Etsy, which is our little secret online store that stocks some amazingly inexpensive designs, which we are clearing to make way for newer designs. It took just 3 days by standard post for our customer to receive her order. Today I received her message and just thought her comments were so charming..I had to share it with you.

“Absolutely love them ..they came yesterday
I teach 6/7 year olds they keep telling me how pretty they are
Many thanks Elaine”



https://www.etsy.com/au/people/julleenjewelleryMany thanks Elaine