Love my New White Clip On Drop Pearl Earring

I just adore my White Pearl Drop Clip On Earring. Hoping that it will be a big favourite in Julleen Pearl Jewellery Collection. It’s only available on the HOME of Julleen Pearl Jewellery –

again enjoy with great ease  – the fact that when ordering from Julleen in Perth West Australia you are receiving goods from a CoViid Free City


Safely Order Julleen Jewellery From the CoVid Free State of Western Australia

People from all over Australia and the World are taking the opportunity to order goods from Perth and Western Australia, as we are the only CoVid Free zone on the planet at this time.

A client just told me that “when you order online you want to know that the goods you receive are clean from the virus”.

No question – be completely comfortable in ordering from Julleen Jewels on Etsy and Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs @


Julleen Jewels Deliver to France from Perth Australia

A gorgeous message just came today regarding a lady’s order of a lovely Mabe pearl necklace to her homeland of France. We are all so thrilled that people are recognizing the quality and care of our little Etsy store.

From Anne in France

Bonjour, collier bien réceptionné ce jour, conforme.
Très joli bijoux, merci.

Hello, necklace well received this day, exactly right. Compliments!
Very nice jewels, thank you.



Nurse Ratched Wearing a Julleen Style Pearl Earring

A new TV Series called simply “Ratched” takes us back to post war times and Pre – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – anyone remember that movie?

An even closer look shows us the stunning wardrobe used in the series and then wait for it ! the accessories. What popped in one scene just fascinated me. A design that I have been making for 20 years, appears on Nurse Ratched

The three pearl earring I designed all those years ago was mainly to introduce a clip on earring that was very pearly yet smart and neat. Voila! it has appeared on American Television


and here it is in black

Julia Ray – Always Pearls

I think I have loved pearls since I was about 10 years old. That seems to be my first memory of them and being given a small pearl ring. After over 20 years in the industry, I just still can’t get enough of them. After a trip to Broome recently and doing a tour of Willy Creek Pearls, I can now say I have seen pearling in action and understand even more so now, the value of these incredible jewels. I now have a 17 mm pearl that I chose from all the pearls in the store, quite remarkable really, as there were so many as you can well imagine and I just knew this was for me.

Pearls are like that. They are organic miracles from the water they have a quality all of their very own. Somehow I always feel fantastic when I wear my pearls. Either an earring, pearl bracelet, a ring or necklace. If you know me well, you will know that I simply must wear pearls or a pearl on any given day. Funnily enough my Mum is the same and wears hers daily, without fail. I feel very connected to pearls and therefore pearl jewellery and adore making it, it’s just wonderful, doing something you love at any time of your life.

Thought I would share the image


Another Rave Review on the Lobe Lift Secret Earring

A gorgeous customer just wrote to me privately with this simply amazing Review of the Lobe Lift Earrings for Droopy Lobes.

Hi Julleen
I just received your items yesterday and can’t wait to write you this 5-star review but Etsy hasn’t let me do it yet. I think you have to wait for a certain amount before you are able to write a review here.
Therefore I am writing this thank you note to you as I’m so excited; then once Etsy lets me, I’ll surely write you another 5-star review.
Thank you so much for your amazing product. Simply a life saver !!!
I have tried so many different things to save my very stretchy and groove ear lobes but they all failed to work.
To be honest, I came across your products and decided to order , but without very high hope as I thought they won’t work for me or simply they just don’t work.
However, after placing my order, I did some more deep search and came across your instruction video on YouTube and your previous customers’ reviews, that’s when I told myself “ This lady sounds genuine and her products might work”
Thanks again for your wonderful customer service by upgrading my shipment to express with  free of charge and the most important thing – YOUR PRODUCTS WORK JUST LIKE WHAT YOU PROMISE.
I’m impressed and will surely pass on to my friends and family about you and your shop !
I also attached a collaged photo of before and after using your amazing products.
Here’s where to purchase these incredibly popular earring backs

Julleen Lobe Lift Earring Backs come highly recommended

The growing popularity of the Julleen Ear Lobe Lift is undeniable. Here’s a great review from a medical specialist from Q’Land who highly recommends them without any hesitation at all. Not at all shy is stating the lobe lifts are the only earring backs she wears.

here is Dr Robyn’s Review where she added before and after shots

5 out of 5 stars

These earring backs are the best. I have stretched earring holes and droopy lobes – not the best combo for wearing these gorgeous earrings from the shop. The before pic shows how they look with normal backs. The after pic is using these fantastic backs – I have worn them all day and my earring stayed put and sat well with no drag!! These are going to be the only earring backs I’ll be using from now on. Thank you Julie for designing these!!

Droopy Lobe Prop Up Earring Backs. Sterling Silver 9



Aqua Blue Chalcedony and Pearl Necklace

A bright light shines when Chalcedony is used in jewellery. Notice how your mood changes just looking at this necklace. The beauty of chalcedony particularly with aqua blue really brings out positivity and a lightness of being.

Chalcedony is uplifting it’s a nurturing stone that promotes brother hood and good will. It brings the mind body and emotions into harmony. It alleviates hostility and transforms melancholy in joy. What a delight!

The Chakra Necklace Set by Julleen Jewels

As I discussed yesterday I was commissioned to make a Chakra necklace set. I am so over the moon with it, that I felt I wanted to share it here on my Blog.

The entire set has some huge gemstone beads with a touch of sterling silver spacers and of course all the endings and clasps. In the set we see Indigo Lapis in olives and rounds and Tubes. Green Turquoise, Green Facetted Jade,  14 mm Amethysts , smooth pillow amethysts with large medium and small round amethysts, Facetted Red Coral, Deep Rich Pink Jade,  some Bright Green chrysocolla beads, Bright Green Agates, Bright Blue Agates, Green Malachite, and loads of various pearls and many Peacock Green Pearls. What a treat!

Am so thrilled to say that it was sold on my Etsy store Julleen Jewels on Etsy after just 5 minutes of posting it.


Custom Made Pearl Jewellery by Julleen – The Chakra Necklace

Lately the trend has been going towards bespoke jewellery. It takes rapport with your clients ofcourse but if you are open to communicating with your purchasers and get to know their likes then you are half way there to seeing happy returning customers.

Last week I made some darling earrings especially for my client who just adores colour. She can only wear pearl earrings on studs and so I created special ball and post fittings to some of my hook earring designs and the result was stunning.

Pleased with her bepsoke earrings and necklaces from my online store on Etsy, today I was commissioned to make a CHAKRA Necklace. My customer was so thrilled I will be making her earrings to match and a bracelet tomorrow. What fun! I just love making custom made pearl jewellery.