Long White Pearl Necklaces Never Date

When simple is best. Usually simple is best for a wedding or any function that requires a low key look or minimal look such as a funeral or at a christening. By adding a long white pearl necklace to your outfit, you will represent the woman who is comfortable with herself but just has that, something special. An understated look that shows your have style and dare I say “a touch of class”.

A long pearl necklace, if you don’t already have one in your jewellery collection, is a pretty essential item, that can last, not just for your life time but be handed down for generations to come. That’s my core wish regarding my designs I continue to create, the thought, that each piece will last and stand the test of time.

Here are a few of my new range of long pearl necklaces that will last far past my life time. Available in my Etsy store