Black Mabe Pearl Dress Rings by Julleen Pearls

Pearl Jewellery and particularly Pearl Dress Rings are really not as common as you would think. Soldering pearls with sterling silver is quite an art. It is for this reason we know the quality of a nice pearl ring is paramount. Recently black pearls are trending worldwide. I think most women now own a string of white pearls but really the black pearl is a little more rare and now people are wanting to expand their pearl collection with black pearls.

When I find a true black or coffee black Mabe Pearl and knowing it’s a rarity, I just love to have it set either into a pendant or a ring. A chocolate or coffee colour black mabe is hard to find now – many blacks have a blue green tinge to them.

Yes we do have pearl dress rings. The featured Black Pearl ring just sold yesterday to very lucky lady in Texas, USA.  I felt the beauty of it should be recorded somewhere and it is for this reason, I made a little blog post today to celebrate the Julleen Pearl dress rings.

We do have other Black Mabe Pearl Rings here:-

The one just below is featured in my Etsy store called Julleen Jewels and is a lovely design that will fit any size as it is adjustable! You may be the lucky person who gets to own this gorgeous ring – but be quick – these rare rings don’t last long.

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