Let’s go Lime

Lime green gemstones are loved by many. Genuine gemstones have healing powers and so I have picked out just a few benefits for each of the gemstones showcased here. I am sure you can see why I chose these necklaces for Mother’s Day.



Lime colours seem to suit just about anyone and it seems to me always radiates happiness. The stones, besides looking lively are healing. When you add the combination of cool mint jade for it’s calming and emotional balancing influence, pearls for hormone balance, some citrine for creating clarity within, plus it relieves self destructive behavior, lapis which is useful in any aspect of healing and is almost like a tonic to the nervous system, with lime jasper, which helps to become more receptive and promotes the body’s self healing. Peridot which attracts wealth and calms the nervous system and anger. Wow! Do you think this would be something your Mum would like? Hell yeah!

SV0011 PCP001&E017.108


Peridot and amethyst pearl earring – $80  –  http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/earrings/pearl-cluster/liza-e017-108/ (peridot and amethyst pearl earring)

Teresa Peridot Cross $275 – http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/necklaces/cross/teresa-pcp001/

Teresa Set Cross and Earrings $320 – http://mybridaljewellery.com/showcase/sets/theresa-pcp001-set/

Lime Crush long pearl and gemstone necklace $350 – http://www.julleen.com.au/Products-Whats_New-Lime_Crush.htm



How about this Pearl Set for Mum

One of our most charming pearl jewellery sets is “Regal Crush”. We have it on My Bridal Jewellery for mothers’ of the bride but can you imagine this on your Mum and the look on her face if she was to receive this for Mother’s Day. Each day I am going to show you what I think is a lovely gift idea for the best Mum in the world and as I really like this myself I thought, I would share this gorgeous design with you. The front Pearls are huge button pearls around 12 mm and the green baroque peacock pearls are just so stunning.

Peacock Green and white pearl necklace set
Peacock Green and white pearl necklace set


Pearl Cross with Enhancer

The most popular pendant in the world is a cross or crucifix. Bejewelled or plain, this humble symbol can be the most adored piece of jewellery a woman can possess. A good pearl cross is hard to find but take a look here and see one of the most beautiful crosses are those made of pearls. I have found that there are not many, if any, pearl crosses that can easily be adapted to wear on a pearl necklace and even less… with an wide enough enhancer to add onto anything except a chain or neoprene. There are some with tiny bails and those with huge bails that can easily slip over a chain but not many, over a string of large pearls. ENHANCER BAIL IS 16 mm x 10 mm.

 I love making unique items that you simply cannot get else where.  As we are coming very close to Mother’s day I am going to add my ideas of the perfect jewellery gift for your Mum, each day right here in my blog. I love showing you things you may not have seen before and below is perhaps the ultimate pearl cross for your Mum on her special annual day. It’s a wonderful opportunity, to show your appreciation to the woman who has given you so much to give her a special gift just for her. Give her a real treat.

A Pearl Cross with an extra large enhancer ( 16 mm x 10 mm ) can be worn over silver chains and over pearls. I made these enhancers so that they can be worn over 9 mm pearls and less. Clicking a lovely pearled cross over a basic  pearl necklace… can revamp any well loved pearl string. Take a look below and see if you think so too. AS PEARLS ARE ORGANIC GEMS EACH PEARL IS UNIQUE..I HAVE ADDED 3 CROSS HERE TO SHOW YOU HOW THEY ARE ALL SIMILAR BUT NEVER EXACTLY THE SAME….AS INDIVIDUAL AS YOU! 🙂


my pearl cross PEARL CROSS ENHANCER 3pearl.crosses enhancer pearl cross1

pearl cross enhancer 1 Pearl Cross



My Pearl Centipede.

Centipedes are not the most endearing of creatures but  in Chinese  beliefs these little creatures are lucky. Especially lucky for gamblers, they say. Centipedes are also used in Chinese medicine. My love of pearls has also lead me to a path of appreciating Chinese astrology, Feng Sui, Chinese medicine and myths. Especially the myths! Hence my other pearled creatures written about February 1st. In Primal Astrology, Centipedes have the tropical sign of Gemini and are born in the Chinese Zodiac’s year of the sheep. I was fascinated to read of some very famous Centipedes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (5/22/1859), Nicole Kidman (6/20/1967), Malcolm McDowell (6/13/1943) and Harriet Beecher Stowe.(6/14/1811). Wracking your brains yet, who are some of these people. Sir Arthur was the author of Sherlock Holmes and Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin and of course Malcolm McDowell is most remembered by the weird and wonderful movie A Clockwork Orange. I figure everyone knows Nicole so no need to expand there. All these amazing people are communicators and are indeed Centipedes.

The body shape of a centipede was perfect to make a pearled spine. As luck would have it a line of pretty button pearls was perfect for his body line and I added a two pronged tail. The outcome is somewhat more attractive as a pearl pendant than an actual centipede and am proud of it. Anyway as much as I like the idea of it being a good luck sign, I would rather carry a luck charm like this than the real thing. How about you?

Pearled Centipede
Pearled Centipede

IMG_5329 IMG_5330

Buy it here : or at Woody Nook Winery Margaret River.


In many cultures centipedes were used to help treat snake bites. They are said to bring gamblers luck, general good luck.


Chinese symbols for centipede.



  • Sarah Ramos (5/21/1991)
  • Robyn (6/12/1979)
  • Pete Wentz (6/5/1979)
  • Jesse Bradford (5/28/1979)
  • Nicole Kidman (6/20/1967)
  • Mia Sara (6/19/1967)
  • Max Casella (6/6/1967)
  • Anderson Cooper (6/3/1967)
  • Noel Gallagher (5/29/1967)
  • Glen Rice (5/28/1967)
  • Tim Berners-Lee (6/8/1955)
  • Sandra Bernhard (6/6/1955)
  • Dana Carvey (6/2/1955)
  • Connie Sellecca (5/25/1955)
  • Rosanne Cash (5/24/1955)
  • Newt Gingrich (6/17/1943)
  • Joan Van Ark (6/16/1943)
  • Malcolm McDowell (6/13/1943)
  • Joe Namath (5/31/1943)
  • Sharon Gless (5/31/1943)
  • Leslie Uggams (5/25/1943)
  • Gary Burghoff (5/24/1943)
  • Martin Landau (6/20/1931)
  • Marla Gibbs (6/14/1931)
  • Carroll Baker (5/28/1931)
  • Louis Jourdan (6/19/1919)
  • Pauline Kael (6/19/1919)
  • Gene De Paul (6/17/1919)
  • Muzaffer Tema (6/15/1919)
  • Gene Barry (6/14/1919)
  • Robert Merrill (6/4/1919)
  • Jay Silverheels (5/26/1919)
  • Rosalind Russell (6/4/1907)
  • John Wayne (5/26/1907)
  • Sir Laurence Olivier (5/22/1907)
  • Dorothea Lange (5/26/1895)
  • Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. (5/23/1883)
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (5/22/1859)
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe (6/14/1811)

The beautiful Ms Duboir ring is again in stock

Wow! How about this latest version of the Ms Duboir series. This is one of the prettiest gemstone and most divine settings we have made to date. As our most  popular colour in this series, the pale Lemon Citrine looks like a giant yellow emerald cut diamond and continues to be one of the most regal of all our ring designs. If this looks big it is because it is huge (+/-) 19 x 13 mm. I thought the popularity perhaps it was due to the similarity of the diamond ring worn by Kym Kardashian for her first marriage but I think the sheer beauty of this ring  is what makes this so very special.

Kym.Kardashian kym

Although the original gemstone in our very first series, was cut in the step cut, this new generation is facetted even more. This cut is known as the emerald cut, rather than the less facetted step cut. The blueprint below shows you the actual way a step cut is used and so as you can see, by the unboxed image of the actual ring, our latest lemon citrine stones, have more layers. This is why there is is even more sparkle than earlier models and is much more vibrant. See if you agree.

shapes I must say I wear mine nearly every day.



Pastel Pearls for Bridesmaids

I have heard from so many brides that it’s virtually the last thing you think of, but when it comes to the point, what on earth can a girl chose for her own bridesmaids’  jewellery and seem, as if she is not going “all brideszilla” as she really does not want her bridesmaids showing her up on her own special day. This is not actually verbalized …but the future bride is definitely thinking of it.

When looking for a good jewellery set for bridesmaids how about something in pastel colourings. Many of us know the lovely pink version of the drop weave design…but the aqua although a less well known set, called Christina is a true sweetie. This design looks stylish but not too over powering.  I know on the day of the wedding a bride should be the centre of attention. Did you know that when you have bridesmaids who wear classy jewellery it actually flatters the bride herself. It really makes the entire bridal party look their very best. For $150 I believe this set is just perfect.

VO027_09_SETPink Pearl Jewellery Set




Christine Baranski wears the Julleen Style Double Earring on The Good Wife

I think that gorgeous woman Christine Baranski, who pays Dianne on the Good Wife, has so much style and natural grace and enjoy seeing her each week and watch out to see what jewellery she wears. I want to share with you our very popular double pearl earring, which we first made several years ago and which the character Dianne was wearing on the Good Wife this week. Divine!

christine.baranski EC009_Miss Julleen


I love collecting images of striking women wearing pearl jewellery, I have a channel on You Tube with a video celebrating some of my treasured collection of some amazing women during history wearing pearls. Tonight I was absolutely bursting with pride when I saw Christine wearing this earring style on the show. Here’s how wonderful she looks wearing a three stranded peal necklace but best of all the Julleen style pearl earrings.


Carnelian stone used for ancient seals.

More interesting images for carnelian, scenic jasper and coral, one of the reddish gemstones listed for March. In ancient times, Agate and carnelian were often used to create seals for high ranking individuals who’s image was carved onto the stone and made usually into a ring and worn at all times. Mark Anthony’s seal, is very appealing and I was delighted to see it was made from Carnelian, as we have discussed before the most popular stone used for great warriors. Mark Anthony’s profile shows his nose was broken at some time and his hair was worn fashionably short and he was certainly considered quite the handsome man in those days. It’s remarkable that his image lives on today, thousands of years after his death. This shows the endurance of some semi precious gemstones, particularly agates and carnelian. Carved seals were a status symbol and were used by stamping the concaved profile image of it’s wearer onto a blob of hot wax which sealed a document.

If the wax was was unbroken when received, this was absolute proof, that the messenger and therefore no one, had read it and that indeed, it came directly from the sender. Below are more images of Julleen designer pendants and earrings made with carnelian, water agates, scenic jasper, red coral and red jasper.

Jasper.Mark.Antony Coral.Trivia P700K.01 P700XL



Aries the god of war! Battles brew in Australian politics today.

March 21st  sees the beginning of the time of Aries. Wow what an opening day for the god of War, seen in our own Australian parliament today with the Gillard/ Rudd battle. Talking about gemstones seems all too tame but that’s what I like to do best.

The stones for Aries (March 21 – April 20) are Bloodstone and Carnelian. For the birth month of March, Jasper along with Bloodstone (the blood red blotches of iron oxide found in Green Jasper) are recognized gemstones. Carnelian along with Amber, Agate and Jade, are the related gemstones for the chest and lungs. Many of the gemstones were worn as talisman not ingested of course. Under illnesses, I found listed in one of my gem reference books and drawn from the learned and ancient writings of Pliny, Theophrastus, Galen, Camillus, Leonardus and others, the Gemstone for bad temper (can you believe it) is Carnelian. So if you suffer from bad temper which I confess I do at times, then Carnelian is the stone for us. Below are some of the jewellery designs I have created for the Julleen label, using Jasper, Carnelian and Red Agate, with some water Agates which for me, as an artisan, are so wonderful to work with. Lastly, I added an interesting illustration of Aries the Greek god of War.

Img_5132 JD833 ND021.01 ND023 P701_02 CAL001Img_5133 Ares-greek-god-war-character-design

Julleen Egg Design

There is always a good deal of excitement around Easter to follow the traditions of our families but maybe to do something a little different each year. Nearly all festivities around Easter time involve the use of eggs in some form or another. The Greek Orthodox paint their Eggs, many in the West in general give away chocolate eggs, and there is always the Easter Bunny who carries a basket of eggs..then there’s always that Easter Egg hunt for the little ones…Jewish people use a burnt egg at their table for Passover.

So when it came to thinking of something novel to discuss in the lead up to Easter I thought of our Julleen Egg collection. I have added just a few for you as we do the mabe necklaces in Gold, Pink and White with little Julleen Egg Earrings to match. We continue to make these lovely pieces as people just love them, as do I.





JD033.03 JD033.05 http://www.julleen.com/product/golden-egg-earring/E376.02 E376_01Pink-Egg-E376-01E376JD033.03.SET