Pumpkin Citrine

Julleen Pearls at Woody Nook Margaret River

Every now and again I like to bring the focus towards our good mates at Woody Nook Winery in Margaret River, who continue to showcase Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs. Regular sales even through the most difficult retail times every known in Australia, has been a joint effort between the staff at Woody Nook and Jane herself  along with Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs.  We are so proud of our long relationship with Woody Nook winery that I thought we should give them a plug! right here on my blog at pearlsjewelleryonline. Here’s to the continuing collaboration between two troupers who are “women in business in WA”.


Woody Nook thrives today because of the hands on approach Jane gives to everything she takes on which exactly my own motto in business. Raise a glass of wine as a toast to Jane and Woody Nook winery and may Julleen sales continue as always!