Carnelian stone used for ancient seals.

More interesting images for carnelian, scenic jasper and coral, one of the reddish gemstones listed for March. In ancient times, Agate and carnelian were often used to create seals for high ranking individuals who’s image was carved onto the stone and made usually into a ring and worn at all times. Mark Anthony’s seal, is very appealing and I was delighted to see it was made from Carnelian, as we have discussed before the most popular stone used for great warriors. Mark Anthony’s profile shows his nose was broken at some time and his hair was worn fashionably short and he was certainly considered quite the handsome man in those days. It’s remarkable that his image lives on today, thousands of years after his death. This shows the endurance of some semi precious gemstones, particularly agates and carnelian. Carved seals were a status symbol and were used by stamping the concaved profile image of it’s wearer onto a blob of hot wax which sealed a document.

If the wax was was unbroken when received, this was absolute proof, that the messenger and therefore no one, had read it and that indeed, it came directly from the sender. Below are more images of Julleen designer pendants and earrings made with carnelian, water agates, scenic jasper, red coral and red jasper.

Jasper.Mark.Antony Coral.Trivia P700K.01 P700XL



Aries the god of war! Battles brew in Australian politics today.

March 21st  sees the beginning of the time of Aries. Wow what an opening day for the god of War, seen in our own Australian parliament today with the Gillard/ Rudd battle. Talking about gemstones seems all too tame but that’s what I like to do best.

The stones for Aries (March 21 – April 20) are Bloodstone and Carnelian. For the birth month of March, Jasper along with Bloodstone (the blood red blotches of iron oxide found in Green Jasper) are recognized gemstones. Carnelian along with Amber, Agate and Jade, are the related gemstones for the chest and lungs. Many of the gemstones were worn as talisman not ingested of course. Under illnesses, I found listed in one of my gem reference books and drawn from the learned and ancient writings of Pliny, Theophrastus, Galen, Camillus, Leonardus and others, the Gemstone for bad temper (can you believe it) is Carnelian. So if you suffer from bad temper which I confess I do at times, then Carnelian is the stone for us. Below are some of the jewellery designs I have created for the Julleen label, using Jasper, Carnelian and Red Agate, with some water Agates which for me, as an artisan, are so wonderful to work with. Lastly, I added an interesting illustration of Aries the Greek god of War.

Img_5132 JD833 ND021.01 ND023 P701_02 CAL001Img_5133 Ares-greek-god-war-character-design

Julleen Egg Design

There is always a good deal of excitement around Easter to follow the traditions of our families but maybe to do something a little different each year. Nearly all festivities around Easter time involve the use of eggs in some form or another. The Greek Orthodox paint their Eggs, many in the West in general give away chocolate eggs, and there is always the Easter Bunny who carries a basket of eggs..then there’s always that Easter Egg hunt for the little ones…Jewish people use a burnt egg at their table for Passover.

So when it came to thinking of something novel to discuss in the lead up to Easter I thought of our Julleen Egg collection. I have added just a few for you as we do the mabe necklaces in Gold, Pink and White with little Julleen Egg Earrings to match. We continue to make these lovely pieces as people just love them, as do I.



JD033.03 JD033.05 E376_01Pink-Egg-E376-01E376JD033.03.SET



Buy a Pearl Jewellery Set and Save. Often up to 40%

Buy a Pearl Jewellery Set and get one item virtually at cost price. Take for example.

Our pearl jewellery set called Audrey, which sells for $210. The Sophia Earring in that set, sells for $140 and that means you get a stunning pearl necklace with lovely quality 9 mm pearls, for just $70! Remarkable? Most definitely! Why do we do it? Because we can. We are a 100% Australian owned and operated and we love being the best and are happy to share our good fortune with our loyal supporters.

Cranberry Lace


Launch of new range at AJ Jewellers Perth

What a lovely morning it was yesterday 11th March, 2013, at A J Jewellers, where we spent the morning showcasing the brand new range, and meeting some very interesting customers, at this brand new city outlet for Julleen Jewellery. Directly opposite the Perth Mint gates, nestled in a group of a few shops, is where the Jewellery Store is located right, in Perth city. Previously known as Diamonds on Hay, A J Jewellers still mostly deal in diamonds and make some gorgeous designs themselves along with some serious jewellery repairs, I might add, which I saw first hand and is done on the spot.  The people working locally love this store, they told me as I chatted with some of them for a while.  Josh and Alex are very talented jewellers, who have an eye for good design (and pearl jewellery, it seems). We are very proud to be associated with Alex and Josh and expect great things to come. Please feel free to pop in at any time to see our lovely range available right now at A J Jewellers.

Pink Pearl NecklacePink Pearl Necklace

New outlet for Julleen in the city

Am so excited…am currently working on a high end collection for a jewellery store in Perth city. Looks like I’ll be busy for a few days…selecting and making some stunning designs to launch there next week. Watch this space and I will reveal all soon.

Just to tempt I will add some shots here and show you how I am going



PDW0700.03JB111 PJ203 JD010_01 PD221.24 PD800_01PD300.22PDW800


Tim Curry in Rocky Horror

Every now and again I like to add a vintage shot of someone wearing pearls and came across this shot of Tim Curry from the Rocky Horror Show and remembered why I loved it so much. Thought I’d share it with you all today.

Loving the black and white look in pearl jewellery

We do some lovely designs in black and white but this one really is amazing…it’s called it reminds me of action of dance…..and it’s not a piece for the faint hearted. The necklace takes confidence to wear, as it really will be a striking piece for any woman brave enough to wear it. It will spruce up any outfit and will make a hell of a statement.

IMG_4980 Boogie.OnyxBOOGIE.PSON002

More images of our black and white favourites

PL0001 SV003 VNDO045 VND012.02. BR2200.02 LB604.02