Potato Pearls

Potato Pearls! What were, pearl farmers and merchants thinking, when they gave name to such beautiful gems as pearls. What a shame for such glorious gems to have such a course word a potato! However, it describes, perfectly, the shape of some pearls that are drilled horizontally -O- (being at their longest top to bottom). The chunky white ovals in the first image shows. also potato pearls, but drilled vertically. I prefer to call these ovals.



In fact all the ones you see above are potato pearl…because they are not quite perfectly round. Some absolutely stunning, large pearls look fantastic, just as the are, imperfect. The last two images are shots of perfectly round Broome pearls (the set of perfect 12 mm rounds)  and the gorgeous Aqua high grade small 7 mm oval pearls. Some rougher surfaced tiny baby ovals are called rice pearls, but that’s a whole other story for another day. Below are my favourite shot of all time of some of our Pink potato pearls and the lovey necklace Xena with big chunky white pearls and slithers of carved shell chunks with 12 mm black pearls.

Pink PearlsXena-Pearls-Necklace-VND002-02






Ring resizing

It’s a great experience purchasing a lovely jewellery piece on line, you simply can’t wait for it’s arrival and excitement is just so overwhelming until you get that parcel and open it. Disappointment in receiving what you thought would be exactly the right size in a ring you  purchased online (as there was absolutely nothing like it anywhere) and the ring size is wrong, is devastating. As a ring collector I find the easiest way when purchasing a silver ring is to chose a ring with an adjustable band. If this is not possible…I go ahead (because I can) and cut the back of the ring open “Split the Ring” and file the edges down for a smooth finish….so it will not cut into the finger. Then I can wear that ring on any finger I like. When you purchase a ring from Julleen just ask us to do this for you at the check out section online. I will do this free of charge for anyone…as I know what it is like to have a ring that does not fit. This “Split the Ring” method, of course cannot be done with every gemstone ring you buy, but it certainly does help knowing that you can wear any ring you want, when utilizing this very simple method of re- sizing a ring. I made a little video about this but for the benefit of many customers who want to measure their own ring size I have added a little ring chart for you too.

split ring 2 split ring RS0011_2xring.sizerpearl ring_back

We do a few mabe rings with the expandable band.