It’s All in the Details

As an artist I can get quite messy with components spread across my work bench as I try to create a design that I see in my head.  Finding that all important component or detail, can be quite the driving force. This energy for me is used, to perfect my craft and therefore the design. Someone asked me today how did you even think of that design? We were talking about the Julleen Pearled Egg. This isn’t the first time I have been asked this but the answer is, at some point I have been shown something that inspires me. It can be anything.  A Fried Egg perhaps?

At one time I just couldn't source any Mabe Bezel Pearls, (see left pic below). I found this so frustrating and so here is a prime example how "necessity can turn into invention" and can help an artist create! Going back to the egg, I must have fried thousands of eggs in my life time but I can't recollect that it was a trigger, it was just that I saw my new design in my head one day, which pushed me to mount a Mabe Pearl into a Sterling Silver base which seemingly looked like a fried egg. I began drawing my Julleen jewelled egg and from there more detail was required to make it stand out from the crowd.(there's that 2018 term again) I wanted a hand beaten base and made a variegated bail to support the pendant and then I easily created the matching earring. It's over a decade later and someone today fell completely in love with my pearled Mabe Egg design all over again. This isn't then end - oh no! After my designer pendants were produced by my wonderful silver smiths, I then had to set them onto a necklace. Building a pearl and gemstone necklace around the Pendant is the next step in the overall creation and then choosing what components to be placed where, along the neckline. Choosing the long spacers so the neck looks slimmer is another detail that is often forgotten and getting the balance just "so-so" and then deciding on the right clasp, is all part of the designer process. Much thought and many details can make something very special.

It's all in the details folks and those details will pay off in the end.It may take people a while to catch up but if you make something creative and unique someone at some stage will recognise your hard work and passion.

Australia Day Pearl Jewellery

Happy Australia Day to all Australians. I love wearing Lapis and Pearl Jewellery on Australia Day. Some gemstones that generate interest around this time are any stones that depict our Australian red earth colour such as orange jade, red jasper or red amber. However my fave is always rich blue with reds and white honouring our Australian flag – I know a bit old school but I like our flag and love to celebrate it as often as possible – no better time than Australia day though is there.

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Butterflies are magical in Pearl Jewellery Hello 2018

Butterflies are the most gorgeous creatures and really are the most copied natural symbol for jewellery makers and it is no different for pearl jewellery.

I have been making creatures and Butterfly pendants from Mother of Pearl and stones for many years now. However not many designs carry a full strand of lustrous pearls attached permanently to the necklace, that’s why I like making them. See here the tourmaline and pearl versions I have made for 2018

For many centuries the humble butterfly has been loved in adornments, symbolizing femininity and significant spirituality. Rebirth. It is for this reason I share my designs for the opening of 2018.

As far back as Elizabethan times the jewelled butterfly was worn only by the very wealthy, however today in our modern era the Butterfly symbol lives on in spectacular ways for many all over the world

Madame Butterfly Long Pearl Necklace



Butterfly Long White Pearl,Tourmaline Sterling Silver Necklace


Mother’s Day! Are you buying her pearl jewellery – I bet she wants you to

Easter just ended and here we are looking at Mother’s Day just around the corner. What are we getting Mum this year. How many times have we heard that? Finding something special for Mother’s day is not difficult, Click on the big Pink ONLINE SHOP button (right here on the left of this page). Let me show you the stunning yet reasonable pearl jewellery designs that truly look so much more valuable than the price tag suggests.

I bought my Mum pearls years ago and continually do so and seriously my Mum literally wears her Julleen pearls every single day! Even at home!..often at home or out for a coffee? yes siree! I like seeing all my pearl-jewellery gifts to my Mum, come to good use.

I come from generations of women who cared for their grooming and always looked their very best. I am sort of proud of that. I simply wouldn't dream of going anywhere without my hair and makeup done and hang on! some pearl-jewellery.  Whether on my fingers, wrists, necks or ears or maybe all the above.

Go that extra step! but do it the easy way buy an item online. Let us deliver it to her front doorstep for you. Particularly handy when you live abroad, as an Ex Pat!. Get Mum a new pearl-jewellery item this year. I bet she wants you to.

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Feedback and Customer Review Corner

A Red Garnet and Pearl Earring by Julleen Jewels

Red is popular at anytime and Garnets are just about everyone’s most beloved gems. Red gems were usually was worn by Royalty and when these gemstones were used with gold – Woo Hoo! the look was just unbelievably decadent! It because I adore the rich warm strength of gold and red together. I designed this!

Finding a stylish garnet and pearl earring that you can wear at any time with real confidence isn’t difficult. You just need know where! to look. Today, a gold version of a style I always make in sterling silver, is listed on the Julleen Jewels Store on Etsy. Hallmarked 925 in gold vermeil it really shines!

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Mabes and Pearl Necklaces

If you’ve been looking for a good place to buy let alone find! a Mabe Pendant on a String of Pearls, then you’ve hit the jackpot here at the Julleen Pearl Jewellery E Store. I can’t find any place on the net, that sells a Mabe Pendant set on a strand of pearls. It’s like it’s unheard of! What?

The thing of it is, creating a mabe pendant on it’s own is quite and challenge for a jeweller to create. However creating a Mabe Pendant and set it on a strand of lovely pearls, well that’s even more difficult to keep on hand. I always stock quite an extensive range of this exclusive line.  FOR A MABE AND PEARL NECKLACE –

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Who has ever wanted a Pearl Earring from the Julleen collection and let it go until later. Well lucky you you are about to be rewarded for the wait.

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Spring! Turquoise and Pearl

Just when Spring hits the air, colours start popping up everywhere creating a magical affect and we can finally say farewell to the greyness of Winter. As soon as colour comes back into our lives voila! We all notice this amazing transformation I know – our spirits lift and life takes on renewed meaning. I’ve always loved the colour turquoise but I love the gemstone turquoise too. Since ancient times, people for some reason have been very attracted to the wonderful shades of blue and aqua, of this rich luscious gemstone.

I love working with Turquoise and often team it with pearl or amethyst. I have designed quite a few styles using in this amazing stone and adore the contrast of texture and tones when making gemstone and pearl jewellery. Infact one of the first stones I used when inventing my first pieces were using this very popluar stone.

Let’s see what we have to show you today

Lobe Lift Earring great for Post-Op maintenance

Julleen Lobe Lift used for Post Op “Lobe Lift” maintenance. A great story in today from Chris, an Ex-Pat from UK, living in the Philippines, who has told me about her own journey with Droopy Ear Lobes. Each time I hear from my customers about this product, it makes me realize that I am definitely on the right path, in making these special push up bras for the lobes as news is spreading across the globe. It seems Chris first discussed this with someone in Munich! and later had an operation to fix her droopy lobes. Here are Christine’s own words….

“As a matter of fact last year I had ‘the operation’ on my ears, having the holes (which were more like slits) sewn and the surgeon tightened the lobes too – they look great now. I had it done in Bangkok by a plastic surgeon – it was cheap. I left it 6 months or so before I had the ears re-pierced and now I do not want put any strain on the new holes but am keen to wear longer earrings again. Your product is perfect for me.”

say no more!

admittedly the models lobes here are not as drastically droopy as some of my customers but the idea and result is for all to see.

Ear Lobe Lift Secret
Ear Lobe Lift Secret