Nurse Ratched Wearing a Julleen Style Pearl Earring

A new TV Series called simply “Ratched” takes us back to post war times and Pre – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – anyone remember that movie?

An even closer look shows us the stunning wardrobe used in the series and then wait for it ! the accessories. What popped in one scene just fascinated me. A design that I have been making for 20 years, appears on Nurse Ratched

The three pearl earring I designed all those years ago was mainly to introduce a clip on earring that was very pearly yet smart and neat. Voila! it has appeared on American Television


and here it is in black

Celebrating the New Year – Hello to the 12 mm Pearl Studs for 2020

Happy New Year to All! On with the new and out with the old. It’s been a long long run of our favourite 11mm White Pearl Stud Earring.

It’s taken me about a year to source the upgraded size pearls of 12 mm. I then I had to source the exact sterling silver components I needed to make up the pearls into these fabulous new earrings. I have been busy busy – most of the day matching up sets of pearls and adding the backs and butterfly closures to them. Then they need to be carded and coded. This all takes time but – Voila! here they are. I am incredibly happy to announce these new stocks of 12mm White Pearl stud earrings in sterling silver. Here are just a few.

I have kept the item number the same but you will receive the 12 Pearl studs when you order from this link. Enjoy and happy new year for 2020


Maggie Dent wears her Julleen Black Pearl Earrings on her brilliant new video

So proud today as the fabulous Maggie Dent wears her brand new Julleen Black Pearl Earrings on her latest video on her Facebook Page. Maggie discusses a not often discussed topic of how Parents should manage their young children’s fears in a crisis situation. She refers to bush fires here and what can make children feel useful and how to comfort them with so much footage of the daily blazes. She tells us how to let our kids slip into action to help calm their fears. I really enjoyed this video and am sure it will be helpful to many parents out there who will benefit from this

Of course on a lighter note Maggie looks amazing as always in this latest video Maggie told me she is flat out at the moment but this amazing woman still manged to let me know she made this new helpful video and posted it to her Facebook page and!! she was wearing her new earring. What a woman! Respect!

Please click below to purchases what Maggie wears here

Mad About Coral Earrings for the Australian Summer

Coral beads and the fabulous orangey pink colour have been a favourite of mine for decades. October 2019 has come so quickly I know and you can feel the buzz in the air as the weather changes. Coral is a great happy colour for just about anyone and am sure we’ll be seeing it at the Melbourne Cup and the Spring season of racing and many other fun events around this time of year.

This is what inspired me to make some very cute Coral bead earrings and put them into my Esty store. Please take a look at what I think are some of my best coral designers over the years. Loads more in my Etsy Store.




Collectors Huge Watermelon Pear Shape Tourmaline Pendant cut en cabochon by Julleen Jewels SOLD on Etsy.

Still worth a read – but this piece has been sold on Etsy

A fabulous collectors piece is now featured in the Julleen Jewels boutique on Etsy. Highly regarded as one of the world’s most fascinating gemstones, Tourmaline has kept it’s popularity in colour phases from green, pink, honey, lemon, red, aqua, turquoise and black. Right now the black tourmaline is trending. Although this stone weighing 115.8 ct has red and watermelon undertones, when on, it looks black. The pendant looks great on many colours. Seen here on Navy, Black, Fuchsia, and Red. The amazing thing is when the light hits it the colours change to a cherry red. Tourmaline comes in so many wonderful colours that it’s hard to pick which one is more stunning.

Knowing that this piece will outlive all of us on the planet shows how resilient these gemstones can be. When I saw this out-sized cabochon I reeled at it’s magnificence. I decided to set it in a plain double bezel setting with a chunky bail in Sterling Silver. I then microned the silver in yellow gold vermeil. It can be worn on a pearl necklace, chain or even on leather.

My grandfather a diamond merchant and cutter, brought to Australia for me a beautiful rich Sherwood green, emerald cut, tourmaline from South Africa in the 1964, which he had set for me with brilliant cut and baguette diamonds. Sadly it was stolen in 1975 but my love of tourmalines has lives on.

Kate Duchess of Cambridge Often Wears a White Drop Pearl Gold Hoop Earring

Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge is such an icon and often wears a pearl Earring. Amongst her collection, is a gold hoop white drop pearl earring that is often part of her best loved and most worn accessories.

I have always loved a hoop pearl earring and have just re made this style again. Finding a good matching set of full drop pearls in nice quality is not easy. I think I have chosen well, as, as we know, to match pearls into perfect sets, is darn near impossible.

Here are the two new sets I have just places on my Etsy store Julleen Jewels.

Checking Out The Sellers’ Feedback Before You Buy Online Is Super Important

Before purchasing online you should always check out the Feedback. On each store site they should have a Comment of Feedback tab for the public to view.

I am very happy to report that many of my customers have told me they chose me, as they loved my designs but also because I have a good view-able Feedback section on each of my sites.

I am sure that buying online is easier today than it has ever been but still you need to be able to trust your seller and then you can safely buy from all over the world. Although many of my items are very affordable every once and a while I get one customer who wants something quite expensive and getting it to them safely is essential.

I am happy for all to see the Feedback on and my Etsy store and for those who would like to go straight there now – here’s where to go

Happy Shopping! and enjoy

Black Mabe Pearl Dress Rings by Julleen Pearls

Pearl Jewellery and particularly Pearl Dress Rings are really not as common as you would think. Soldering pearls with sterling silver is quite an art. It is for this reason we know the quality of a nice pearl ring is paramount. Recently black pearls are trending worldwide. I think most women now own a string of white pearls but really the black pearl is a little more rare and now people are wanting to expand their pearl collection with black pearls.

When I find a true black or coffee black Mabe Pearl and knowing it’s a rarity, I just love to have it set either into a pendant or a ring. A chocolate or coffee colour black mabe is hard to find now – many blacks have a blue green tinge to them.

Yes we do have pearl dress rings. The featured Black Pearl ring just sold yesterday to very lucky lady in Texas, USA.  I felt the beauty of it should be recorded somewhere and it is for this reason, I made a little blog post today to celebrate the Julleen Pearl dress rings.

We do have other Black Mabe Pearl Rings here:-

The one just below is featured in my Etsy store called Julleen Jewels and is a lovely design that will fit any size as it is adjustable! You may be the lucky person who gets to own this gorgeous ring – but be quick – these rare rings don’t last long.

to purchase this ring go to


It’s All in the Details

As an artist I can get quite messy with components spread across my work bench as I try to create a design that I see in my head.  Finding that all important component or detail, can be quite the driving force. This energy for me is used, to perfect my craft and therefore the design. Someone asked me today how did you even think of that design? We were talking about the Julleen Pearled Egg. This isn’t the first time I have been asked this but the answer is, at some point I have been shown something that inspires me. It can be anything.  A Fried Egg perhaps?

At one time I just couldn't source any Mabe Bezel Pearls, (see left pic below). I found this so frustrating and so here is a prime example how "necessity can turn into invention" and can help an artist create! Going back to the egg, I must have fried thousands of eggs in my life time but I can't recollect that it was a trigger, it was just that I saw my new design in my head one day, which pushed me to mount a Mabe Pearl into a Sterling Silver base which seemingly looked like a fried egg. I began drawing my Julleen jewelled egg and from there more detail was required to make it stand out from the crowd.(there's that 2018 term again) I wanted a hand beaten base and made a variegated bail to support the pendant and then I easily created the matching earring. It's over a decade later and someone today fell completely in love with my pearled Mabe Egg design all over again. This isn't then end - oh no! After my designer pendants were produced by my wonderful silver smiths, I then had to set them onto a necklace. Building a pearl and gemstone necklace around the Pendant is the next step in the overall creation and then choosing what components to be placed where, along the neckline. Choosing the long spacers so the neck looks slimmer is another detail that is often forgotten and getting the balance just "so-so" and then deciding on the right clasp, is all part of the designer process. Much thought and many details can make something very special.

It's all in the details folks and those details will pay off in the end.It may take people a while to catch up but if you make something creative and unique someone at some stage will recognise your hard work and passion.