You Tube Gone Mad

How can a pearl jewellery video be labeled as COULD BE INAPPROPRIATE. Today I am hopping mad about something that seems to be wrong with the You Tube decision makers. A three year old video on my You Tube Julleen1 Channel is marked as COULD BE inappropriate. Surely this short and hopefully helpful video is not only entertaining but informative. Most certainly not the least bit dangerous or containing inappropriate language for a child to watch or anyone really.

I think there is something very wrong with the You Tube filtering and labeling system, if just one viewer, can tag a DISLIKE, to a perfectly innocent video and then that video, can be negatively labelled. This is a jewelllery info video and is not one of a head being chopped off or anything of a sexual nature and is all my own content. This video is about Droopy Ear Lobes and about showing people how I can help with this problem by introducing a product I have made. A simple little jewellery item that helps prop up the ear or a drooping earring. Judge for yourselves. PLEASE HELP ME GET THIS LABEL REMOVED BY CLICKING LIKE on my You Tube video on my Julleen1 channel.


Ear Lobe Lift
Ear Lobe Lift

Here’s what I have writen on my Facebook page for My Bridal Jewellery


PLEASE HELP me sort this out. YouTube has just decided to tag the above video as “Could be inappropriate”. One DISLIKE! seems…on my video can cause it to be labelled. I’ve checked the criteria listed by You Tube that could deem it to be “inappropriate” but nothing fits. Can FREE SPEECH cause this action? Please support me by clicking “LIKE” on this video after you’ve seen it….on my YouTube channel. Let’s see if we can grab the attention of the decision makers and get this label removed