March Gemstones for Everyone

It’s a beautiful thing when one colour seems to sit well on just about everyone. Red usually suits most people but it’s in the month of March, that these gemstones are worn more often. Many of us are drawn to reds much more, during the month of March particularly those born this month. The beautiful red planet dominates all month along with the god Ares and so the stones I want to showcase are Australian Jasper, Carnelian and a touch of coral. Celebrating the god Ares, the god of WAR and all whose birthdays are in March, I share here some lovely jewellery I have made using these amazing stones. Every stone featured here is a genuine semi precious , with one exception – The Flower Brooch – ¬†with which I used carnelian-like stones. Look at purchasing these in my Etsy store. Follow the link below.

March brings in the influence of Mars in jewellery

Every March I seem to do a little write up on the influence of Mars on Jewellery and this year is not much different although the styles change each year..this month is always dominated by rusty reds and fiery red gemstones. Most common in the semi precious variety is the Red Agate or Red Japser and Dark Red Carnelian. Here are some new pieces I have created for my Etsy Store called Julleen Jewels