Christie’s of London Jewel sale in June fetched 1.64 M for a pearl necklace

Is it any wonder I love pearls so much. Any news at all on the subject of these magnificent gems,which happily I get to work with daily, and my ears generally prick up.  In my lateest  Jewellers Trade magazine there was an article about Christie’s June Jewel auction written by Michael Rees I believe.

A necklace sold at Christie’s for 1.64m in London this last June. The Pearls pn the 35.6cm long necklace measure approximately from 4.1mm to 10.7 mm. The Piece has an oval mixed cut Ruby Clasps with baguette and brilliant cuts in a deco style which dates from the 20s.

A diamond brooch using natural pearls had the 2nd highest price received at this auction, fetching $660 K, smashing it’s pre auction estimate

These results illustrate the continued strength in the market for natural pearls” said Keth Pention, head of Christie’s London Jewellery Department.

Do you love a Bow in your jewellery? How about Pearls and Bows?

Do you like to see a Bow used in beautiful pearl jewellery? I have searched high and low to find a worth-wile piece of stunning jewellery with a bow, to no avail.  In the end, I decided making them was the best idea. I designed and produced these lovely Julleen sterling silver textured Bows, to add to the pearls, I visualized and work then worked them into the design you see here. I then made a Sash of silver to added a sizeable pearl for matching earrings. I love this Bow and Sash style because it’s a wonderful combination of textures, besides which, it adds a certain charm to a jewellery piece . The glow of pearls and the texturized sterling silver both compliment one another perfectly. There are many bows used that are not genuine sterling and so please beware of copies. Our Bows we make at Julleen are of course 100% genuine and beautifully individual.





Peridot and Amethtyst, Green and Purple Gemstones POW!

Lime and particularly a lime coloured stone has always been a favourite stone for me. I like adding shock colours together. As Wimbledon and the tennis is on each night I am reminded of the purple and green I like to use in jewellery and so I thought a picture paints a thousand words. Here’s to the celebration of green and purple gemstones used together. I hope you enjoy what you see.